Meeting attendance

Tuesday 12 December 2023 10.00 am, Commons and Rights of Way Committee

Venue:   Council Chamber - Shire Hall, Gloucester

Contact:    Joanne Bolton

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Adam Barnes Officer Expected
Joanne Bolton Clerk Expected
Clare Bonser Officer Present
Cllr Terry Hale Committee Member Present
Cllr Terry Hale Committee Member Expected
Jaci Harris Officer Present
Cllr Alex Hegenbarth Committee Member Apologies
Andrew Houldey Officer Present
Cllr Beki Hoyland Vice-Chair Present
Cllr Mark Mackenzie-Charrington Committee Member Present
Cllr Graham Morgan Chair Present
Karen Pearman Officer Present
Rachel Russell Officer Present
Cllr Vernon Smith Committee Member Apologies
Cllr Robert Vines Committee Member Present
Cllr Roger Whyborn Committee Member Present
Cllr Dr David Willingham Committee Member Present