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Defend the Right to Strike

We the undersigned petition the council to publicly declare its refusal to implement the Minimum Service Levels Act (2023) within the council's jurisdiction as it goes against the interests of its employees, the democratic right to strike and the spirit of fair labour practices. The Act represents a significant attack on workers' rights and undermines the fundamental principles of collective bargaining. The Act allows employers to issue "work notices" during strike actions, dictating which employees are essential and can be compelled to work. This effectively breaks the solidarity of strikes and threatens workers with dismissal and unions with financial penalties for non-compliance. Following the lead of other councils and administrations, you can stand with your employees and the wider trade union movement and resist the Act by: 1. Publicly denouncing the Act. 2. Refusing to issue work notices within your council's jurisdiction. 3. Advocating for the repeal of the Act and other anti-union legislation.

Here is why you should refuse to implement the Minimum Service Levels Act (2023):

• Unnecessary and damaging: The Act is not essential for maintaining vital services during strikes. Many essential services, like healthcare, already have protocols in place to minimise disruption during industrial action. The Act adds an unnecessary layer of control and undermines trust between employers and employees.
• Anti-democratic: The Act restricts the right to strike, a fundamental tool for workers to negotiate fair wages and working conditions. By forcing workers to work against their will, the act undermines the very foundation of a democratic society.
• Harms local communities: Coercing workers to work during strikes can lead to decreased morale, productivity, and service quality. This ultimately harms the communities you serve.

This ePetition runs from 02/04/2024 to 01/04/2025.

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