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Highway Disruptions-Roadworks

We the undersigned petition the council to A managed & co-ordinated approach by Gloucestershire County Council to all road network disruptions

The lack of coordination when approving roadworks is evident, as is the Management of the roadworks when they are in progress.
-GCC approving roadworks, with the diversion routes running into further approved roadworks quite simply moves the bottleneck, ensuring gridlock. Should this be viewed from an economic, pollution, travel time to make appointments, etc it is wholly unsatisfactory
-Simply fining the Utility Companies for non compliance transfers the cost to the Utility Company Customers and is not improving their management of the roadworks

This ePetition ran from 15/12/2023 to 31/01/2024 and has now finished.

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Council response

Philip Cameron, Traffic Manager, has provided the
following response:

The coordination of roadworks is very complicated and time consuming. We can haveup to 1000 sets of works taking place across the county at any one time. We recognisethat roadworks can be inconvenient to road users, so we work with utility companies to minimise disruption wherever where we have the powers to do so. As an example if a customer requires a connection or there is a loss of service it is very difficult for us to
prevent these works from taking place; we must also consider the impact on those residents and businesses who may have lost their gas, electricity, water supply or broadband . We do place conditions on all works permits to minimise the impact of works.

We have had some issues in the Forest of Dean area with fibre broadband and also some issues with Severn Trent’s management of some of their sites. Both these issues have been taken up with the relevant companies and their contractors. There have also been some emergency works on the A48 that have exacerbated issues when other
works are still in progress.

We have improvement plans in place for a number of utilities. All fines that we charge utility companies when things go wrong cannot legally be passed back onto the customer base.