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Installation of traffic/pedestrian islands on the Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury

We the undersigned petition the council to In regard to the welfare of the Newtown community and visitors to the area, we, the undersigned, petition the council to install two traffic/pedestrian islands as close as possible to the two sets of bus stops, one by the Boys Brigade Community Centre and the other between Springfield and Wellfield. The Ashchurch road, as the main thoroughfare into Tewkesbury, is poorly served with assisted crossing places for pedestrians in the Newtown area, with a crossing at the school, at the service station and at Morrisons, yet no other way of safely crossing this, at times, very busy road. A traffic/pedestrian island adjacent or near to the two sets of bus stops would increase pedestrian safety and for people using this public service. It is clear that a large number of people are in the habit of crossing here anyway, without the islands, and this is a potential danger for the pedestrian and for the motorist.

Also the Boys Brigade Community Centre is opposite the natural break on the cycle path as it crosses Walton Cardiff Lane, so a traffic island at this point would accommodate the number of cyclists who wish to cross onto the main road in their journey towards the motorway.

This ePetition runs from 11/12/2023 to 29/02/2024.

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