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Zebra crossing for Church Road, Leckhampton

We the undersigned petition the council to install a zebra crossing on Church Road, Leckhampton, near Leckhampton Primary School to provide safer access for children, parents and local residents.

Everyday children flood down Church Road to Leckhampton Primary School and the new High School Leckhampton. The recent explansion of Leckhampton Primary School and the opening of the High School has seen over a 50% increase in the numbers of children and parents using the area, making the need even more pressing.

On a daily basis there are shocking scenes of dangerous driving and near misses, and one day this will result in a child or parent being injured, or worse. Vehicle drivers often do not slow down or stop to allow children to cross the road and people resort to stepping out into the road to encourage the traffic to stop, so that they can cross. There are regular instances of vehicles driving on the pavement. Parked cars on Church Road and Hall Road limit good visibility for vehicle drivers and pedestrians. It is difficult and dangerous even for adults to cross.

There is a desperate need for a safe crossing on Church Road. The island at the roundabout junction with Leckhampton Road is not safe, as it is a busy junction with traffic coming from 2 directions and is too difficult and dangerous for young children to negotiate. Drivers focus on exiting or entering the junction and are often not looking at people crossing the road.

As a society we should be encouraging our children to walk to school. This is good for their independence, increasing their physical activity and reducing environmental pollution.

The lack of a safe crossing inhibits childrens’ independence and encourages parents to drive them to school causing further congestion, pollution and promoting childhood inactivity and contributing to obesity.

Please help us to keep our children safe, healthy and independent, parents and local residents safe, and our environment clean by providing a zebra crossing on Church Road, Leckhampton.

This ePetition ran from 07/12/2023 to 31/01/2024 and has now finished.

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