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Pedestrian crossing at Hales Road/London Road junction

We the undersigned petition the council to Add pedestrian timings to the traffic lights at Hales Road/London Road junction Add crossing points (textured paving, dropped kerb) to the East arm of the junction. These already exist on the other junction arms.

The Hales/OBR/London Road junction is a very busy junction with traffic constantly flowing through it from all 4 directions.

Currently the light timings do not allow pedestrians safe passage across the road, especially across the eastern and northern arms of the junction as there is no pedestrian island.

Pedestrians commuting from Cheltenham into Charlton Kings or vice versa, and commuting from Whaddon to Leckhampton or vice versa, need to cross this wide road safely without having to time their movements to tiny gap in the car traffic lights

Not only is this unsafe, it is practically infeasible for those with low mobility, such as the elderly, or for those with children in prams, or those with pets. Anecdotally, I've seen countless examples of all demographics running or rushing to cross this road whilst traffic has already started moving from the lights.

The nearest crossings on the East/West arms of this junction are either a 5-10 minute walk East at Haywards Road, or a 5-10 minutes walk West at Hewlett Road

The nearest crossings on the North/South arms are either 5 minutes South at the Meadow Cafe, or 5-10 minutes north at Blossom Lodge Nursery.

This ePetition ran from 20/11/2023 to 01/02/2024 and has now finished.

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