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Station Road pedestrian crossing

We the undersigned petition the council to consider this for the benefit of Stow on the wold, fosse way, A429. I’m hoping for a crossing from the residential side of the road across to the two business of BP M&S and Majestic wine. I am a local member of the community since 2015 and I have been in the area my whole life. I have seen the increase in traffic along this road, and these businesses are popular with all members of the community. Over the years, we have seen an increase in retirement villages and as a result, there is an increase in footfall who attempt to try to cross this road. On a daily basis, people have to run to get from the one side to another. It’s fair to say it is a busy and unsafe the road is to cross, and I believe a pedestrian crossing would be of benefit for the wider community. I have considered the benefits of a pedestrian crossing from several perspectives as detailed below.

Coordinates of area which is mainly where the attempts are made are 51.92812° N, 1.72533° W if you wish to understand fully the issue at hand.

The feasibility of putting a pedestrian crossing on this part of the road would be easy for the council to implement. This road is straight and would have full visibility from both sides of the crossing from a road user and pedestrians’ point of view from a safety aspect. The businesses have a path along their side of the road so the ability to put a dropped curb in either side wouldn’t be of issue. There are multiple locations where this would serve as a good location both practically for residents and for road users. I anticipate that Highways would need to make a formal assessment of the practicalities and ask that GCC consider instructing them to do so.
I would recommend a puffin crossing. Puffin crossings are fundamentally the same as Pelican crossings, except they use ‘intelligent’ signals. Pelican crossings are controlled by traffic lights. Pedestrians press a button to request a crossing and wait for the green person to indicate that they can cross. A Pelican crossing cycle works according to set timings; Puffin crossings use sensors to determine when the crossing is clear. Thus, if one person crosses quickly, traffic will only be stationary briefly. If lots of pedestrians cross slowly, traffic will be stationary longer. This would then not cause traffic build up but ensure that the members of the public could cross with ease.
A refuse island might be a compromise however there still poses the risk between getting to it and I believe the road would need widening to accommodate, however I am happy to work out if this would be a compromise solution.

Additional traffic calming:
The road has a speed limit of 30 MPH in place, this unfortunately isn’t adhered to when the road is in quieter hours. Also, due to the sheer volume of traffic that uses this road, the drivers seem to be inclined to ignore people waiting and attempting to cross. Upon speaking with regular crossers, they have stated they can wait up to 20 mins each side at peak times as car users are in a rush and if the traffic is flowing, they are not stopping. There is the exception of a few drivers who will allow, but sometimes you can get to the middle and get stuck until the other side let you across. The addition of the crossing would also act as an additional traffic calming measure and increase the general safety of the area. On few occasions, there have been temporary speed cameras vehicles parked, and the traffic has been of a calmer rate which suggests that the average speed is of a level that isn’t legal.

Stow on the wold has a population of 1905 at the end of 2021. The percentage of this being of currant retirement age is 39% as of end of 2021. We are seeing year after year; developments of retirement homes increase and as a result, these people needing a safe walkway has increased. This is also a safety risk for children and disabled members, who regularly cross also and not just the elderly. 12% of the population being children or disabled at the end of 2021. These figures are based on age and not abilities, but this crossing would benefit 100% of people who wish to make the walk across. Tourist’s won’t be captured either in the figures.

I would love to have this implemented in order to benefit the community and for them to be able to access businesses in a safe manner. This scope of work is out of the businesses control. I welcome the town of stow on the wold and the wider communities to join and sign in order to provide safe access to all members wishing to cross this busy road. As a member of one of the businesses, we would be of ability to raise funds for this project should this be a barrier for a decision.

This ePetition runs from 20/07/2023 to 30/09/2023.

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