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Pedestrian Crossing in Hartpury

We the undersigned petition the council to Install a pedestrian crossing in the village of Hartpury

As a resident of Hartpury since 2020, my husband and I have made the village our home and intend to raise our family here. I have a 2 year old daughter who attends Hartpury Nursery. We reside on the opposite side of the A417 to the nursery and cross the road at least twice a day, during rush hours in order to walk her to and from nursery. We have noticed how busy and unsafe the road is to cross. It occurred to me we are likely to not be the only people who need to cross the busy road regularly and I believe a pedestrian crossing would be of benefit for the wider community. I have considered the benefits of a pedestrian crossing from several perspectives as detailed below.

A417 on which the crossing is sought:
The A417 is a major arterial road linking Gloucester with Worcestershire and the M50. Its peak busy times are between 0800-1000 and 1600-1800 however the road remains busy throughout the day. There is currently a 30mph speed limit. There is no designated crossing area other than a dropped curb. The A417 divides the village of Hartpury with residential dwellings on both sides of the road. Hartpury currently has a population of approx. 700 people with new developments underway.

Local Businesses & Amenities:
There is a small business estate located directly off the A417 in the village – The Old Dairy. Businesses include a beauty shop and vets which local residents are likely to attend on foot. The Royal Exchange pub is located on the opposite side of the road to the majority of the residential housing.
Both post boxes in the village are on the same side of the A417.
The primary school, nursery, village hall and children’s play area are all located on Old Over Road which is accessed from the A417. Residents who wish to use these services (like myself) from the other side of the A417 have to cross the road in order to do so.

Bus Stop and School Busses:
There is a bus stop and layby for the local bus to pull into but only on the one side of the A417. Passengers getting off the bus need to find their own place to cross the road as needed. This is a particular safety risk for children, the elderly or disabled who regularly use the busses. As well as the main bus route, there are also several school buses which drop children in Hartpury. This includes Newent Secondary school, Hanley Castle High School and Hartpury College which are the main education providers in the area. The Newent school bus drops children at the A417 junction with Corse End Road and at the end of the school day many children attempt to cross the A417 at multiple locations along the road at a peak time.

Additional traffic calming:
Whilst there is a 30mph speed limit in place, road users often do not adhere to this. The addition of the crossing would also act as an additional traffic calming measure and increase the general safety of the area. I am aware there have been recent speed surveys conducted by the Council which may add additional data to the speed and volume of vehicles travelling through the village.

I have considered the feasibility of putting a pedestrian crossing on the A417 in the village. There is a straight section of road between the Royal Exchange pub and Corse End Road which in my opinion would serve as a good location both practically for residents and for road users. I anticipate that Highways would need to make a formal assessment of the practicalities and ask that GCC consider instructing them to do so.

I welcome Hartpury residents and businesses to read and consider the points raised in this petition, and in the event the community agree that a pedestrian crossing would be beneficial, I ask that the Council consider this request. Should funding become an issue I would be keen to support any fundraising which the village could become involved in.

This ePetition runs from 27/06/2023 to 01/10/2023.

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