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Rowanfield Schools: 20 is plenty road safety campaign

We the undersigned petition the council to Due to safety concerns from staff, parents/ guardians and pupils, we the undersigned call upon Gloucestershire County Council to implement a 20mph zone in the area around Rowanfield Junior and Infants Schools to replicate the measures already taken elsewhere, especially in parished areas in Gloucestershire.

We are fully aware that a reduced speed limit will make it safer for our children to walk to and from school and will make the roads in the vicinity of the school safer for all road users.

We have received numerous complaints over the years and have had several near misses with road incidences right outside the school gates. A '20 is plenty' implementation is a key priority as part of our school’s transport plan.

If you would like to support our '20 is plenty campaign', please sign our petition.
Thank you,
Rowanfield Infant and Junior Schools.

This ePetition ran from 08/04/2023 to 21/06/2023 and has now finished.

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