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Pedestrian Crossing Bodiam Avenue, Tuffley

We the undersigned petition the council to Build a Pedestrian/Zebra crossing on Bodiam Avenue, Tuffley (specific location: near 189/187, Bodiam Avenue) to address the safety issue of children crossing the road while walking from Copeland Park to Harewood Junior/Infant schools.

I am a resident of Copeland Park residential estate off Streamside and would like to bring your attention to the need for a child-safe pedestrian or zebra crossing on Bodiam Avenue near house numbers 189/187.

I have been using the footpath from our residential estate to walk towards Harewood Junior/Infant schools for a few years now and I am starting to see the need for a zebra crossing with flashing yellow lights or a controlled pedestrian crossing.

I am concerned that this part of the road crossing is not safe, especially for children (either walking or on bike). This location has a speed bump (low height) already, but cars seldom slow down and even as an adult I had few close calls. It will be safer if vehicles could be made to stop to let pedestrians cross at this location (atleast during school timings).

Also, the footpath near the speed bump doesn't ramp with it which means that people have to cross on either sides of the speed bump, which basically means that whatever side people are crossing, vehicles will not get to slow down.

Another reason for my concern regarding safety at this point is that the road here is not a straight road but curved (S shaped). With the view blocked by trees and parked cars in residents' front gardens it is not possible to see what is coming on the road. With the current speed bump not particularly making vehicles to slow down or to stop for people to cross, it is just a matter of time before somebody makes an incorrect judgement, particularly children.

I would like to request Gloucestershire County Council to consider this and take necessary steps. Hoping that there can be improved safety at this location for children.

I have contacted Gloucestershire Highways regarding this. Response from Gloucestershire Highways is as below:

"Gloucestershire Highways have a limited budget and it is not possible to respond positively to all requests. Our schemes are data driven in order ensure that the available budget is spent in the most effective way. While I understand your concerns the current data does not suggest that this is a priority site.

I am sorry that we are not able to help on this occasion, however the data is continually monitored and any changes noted for future schemes"

P.S.: Just this morning I had a close call when I wasn't able to see what's coming on the right hand side due to a van parked in front garden of a property and the car had do to an emergency brake. I am really concerned that it is only a matter of time before something happens here as more and more children from Copeland Park start to go to Harewood Infant/Junior schools.

This ePetition runs from 16/11/2021 to 28/12/2021.

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