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Resurface Church Road, Bishop's Cleeve

We the undersigned petition the council to resurface Church Road from the Cheltenham Road/Church Road roundabout to the start of Pecked Lane.

Church Road has been the main thoroughfare through Bishop’s Cleeve for generations and rests at the heart of our village; being home to local businesses that cater for our growing community.

Due to chronic underinvestment in our roads in recent years, the surface has begun to deteriorate to a point where it has become a danger to pedestrians and road users. Many local people have suffered damage to their vehicles due to potholes. A number of cyclists have reported injuries – with one suffering serious damage to their arm – due to the shocking state of the road surface.

Residents, organisations, and the Parish Council have reported these issues time and time again, only for the potholes reported to be hastily filled in with no lasting effect. One recent pothole was so poorly filled that the repair had eroded less than a week after the job was completed.

With the road’s surface so poor, we call on Gloucestershire County Council to resurface the road section stated to help keep people safe and to protect their property from continual damage.

This ePetition ran from 11/02/2021 to 14/05/2021 and has now finished.

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Council response

Thank you for your recent petition. Craig Freeman, Local Highways Manager – Northern Area, has provided the following response:

‘Thank you for your recent petition and contact regarding Church Road, Bishops Cleeve dated 13th May 2021.

Firstly, I would like to reassure you that we conduct safety inspections across the county at routine intervals as well as inspections triggered by public enquiries. We routinely inspect Church Rd on a monthly walked inspection frequency, completed by one of our safety inspectors. They are trained to assess the highway for any defects that meet our intervention levels set out in our Safety Inspection Policy, available on our website.

Any defects, which meet the criteria set out in the Safety Inspection Policy are identified, logged and repaired within a set period, determined by the severity of the defect, in line with our policy. These are the smaller repairs that you will have seen and it is true that through winter months some of these repairs are not completed in ideal conditions therefore can deteriorate at an accelerated rate, however further safety inspections are conducted. Our Safety Inspection Policy ensures the highway is safe for the travelling public as far a reasonably practicable.

Regarding more substantial resurfacing/repair works, we survey our roads within Gloucestershire and this produces a condition data score. The road then simply slots into a list in numerical order and this forms our data led forward programme. I have asked for Church Road to have a more up to date survey and cost so we can understand where it sits in the priority order in the county and our area.

I have listed below recent work in and around Bishops Cleeve regarding road and footway surfacing, this does not include other works such as drainage. The vast majority of our work is on a priority basis and, as you will see from the list below, we have, and are, investing in Bishops Cleeve’s road network quite considerably. When deciding upon priorities we take many things into consideration such as road hierarchy, road speed, traffic volumes, number of defects, cost benefit, current condition, public/parish/cllr request etc. Cost benefit is where we must decide the right treatment and if simply patching an area is enough or if a full resurface is required, if the latter then the area will have to wait for inclusion in the county structural maintenance programme based on the data led priority list.

Investment in Bishops Cleeve road’s in recent years has included:
- resurfacing of the A435 from Bishops Cleeve to Teddington Hands roundabout with the A46;
- resurfacing from GE aviation roundabout towards Cheltenham;
- resurface of Cheltenham Road outside of the Tythe Barn between Stoke Road roundabout and the Tesco roundabout;
- resurfacing of Gotherington Lane nearest Station Road end;
- resurface of Two Hedges Road through to Woodmancote area;
- patching work on Tobyfield Road;
- patching on Evesham road/Finlay way near the Lidl entrance.

This current financial year we are resurfacing part of Malleson Road in Gotherington Village and a large patch on Gotherington Lane at the junction with Vale Road.

We have also recently had investment in new footways around Two Hedges Road area where we have resurfaced large areas around the school and into Woodmancote.

We will continue to monitor Church Road and inspect it on a monthly basis and inspect any public enquiries, to ensure the road remains safe and once we have survey results back we can consider the area for future work.’

This response has been sent to you as the Lead Petitioner, if you require further information please contact Craig Freeman, or myself directly.

Joanne Bolton
Democratic Services