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One-Way Traffic for Saint Whites Primary School

We the undersigned petition the council to Place a one-way traffic sign on Sneyd Wood Road housing Estate. Best placement would be on the wide, paved area by the entrance to the park, this is the piece of road where the blockages start from.

We feel this is required to calm the traffic in this area at school drop off & pick up times.

Many residents are un-able to either get off their driveways at these high traffic times (08.00 - 09.00 & 15.00 - 16.00) or cannot get safely out of the estate at all.

This is caused by:
Poor parking from parents
Cars using the street as a 2-way road, whilst blocked up
A one way system will stop parents trying to get back up the road, whilst other drivers are trying to get down it.

This ePetition ran from 21/09/2020 to 02/11/2020 and has now finished.

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