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Broadwell Crossroads Needs More Safety Measures

We the undersigned petition the council to look into more safety Measurements put into Broadwell crossroads pronto.

After yet another accident on these crossroads but much more severe than any other I want this to be seriously looked into as its clear there is something more needed. My personal Preference is definitely traffic lights as I think it warrants these now. The last crash was the worst I've seen whilst living there. There is footage that both police and the fire department have seen and can see how it happened. I too have seen it and can say as one of three people who have to deal with people and casualties having accidents here know that the way that happened has happened many a times. I've sat in my garden before now and seen a car do exactly what happened on that video but luckily no other vehicle was about at that time to cause collision. There has to be a reason its happening and if your answer is dangerous driving then even more of a reason to put lights up to stop that.

This ePetition ran from 05/04/2024 to 17/05/2024 and has now finished.

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