Forthcoming Executive Decisions

Forthcoming Executive Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Delivery of structural maintenance works 2022-2026.11/10/2021For Determination10/11/2021
Establishment of a Day Centre provision for care assisted young people at Trevone House11/10/2021For Determination10/11/2021
Implementing a Modified Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (PDPS) for Professional Services in Childrens Social Care11/10/2021For Determination10/11/2021
Market Shaping and Review of the Adult Social Care Commissioning & Estate Strategies11/10/2021For Determination10/11/2021
Children & Families Capital Programme Update11/10/2021For Determination10/11/2021
Permanent expansion of Heart of the Forest Special School to provide 10 places for children with SEMH needs from September 2022.05/10/2021For DeterminationBetween 04/11/2021 and 30/11/2021
Decision to bring The Cheltenham and Tewkesbury Alternative Provision School (CTAPS) and The Stroud and Cotswold Alternative Provision School (SCAPS) together under a single management committee05/10/2021For DeterminationBetween 04/11/2021 and 18/11/2021
Mini-competition to procure a call-off contract under Lot 4: Young People of the Gloucestershire Framework Agreement for Domestic Abuse29/09/2021For DeterminationBetween 28/10/2021 and 04/11/2021
Local Authority Contain Outbreak Management Fund allocation to reducing the impact of lockdown on disadvantaged babies, toddlers and their families/carers29/09/2021For DeterminationBetween 28/10/2021 and 19/11/2021
Financial Monitoring Report 2022/2322/09/2021For Determination21/12/2022
Financial Monitoring Report 2022/2322/09/2021For Determination23/11/2022
Financial Monitoring Report 2021/2222/09/2021For Determination22/06/2022
Financial Monitoring Report 2021/2222/09/2021For Determination30/03/2022
Financial Monitoring Report 2021/2222/09/2021For Determination23/02/2022
Financial Monitoring Report 2021/2222/09/2021For Determination26/01/2022
Tender and Award of Transport Contracts under the Dynamic Purchasing System for Transport23/08/2021For Determination10/11/2021
A417 Missing Link Development Consent Order (DCO) process03/08/2021For DeterminationBetween 01/09/2021 and 17/11/2021
Enhanced Independence Offer (Home First) : Additional Resources to Meet Increased Demand28/06/2021For DeterminationBetween 27/07/2021 and 30/09/2021
Development of Semi- Independent Accommodation21/06/2021For Determination22/12/2021
Gloucestershire Statement of Common Ground - Strategic Planning21/06/2021For Determination22/12/2021
Virtual School Headteacher Report 202024/05/2021For DeterminationBetween 06/08/2021 and 30/09/2021
Financial Monitoring Report 2021/2205/11/2020For Determination22/12/2021
Financial Monitoring Report 2021/2205/11/2020For Determination10/11/2021
Gloucestershire County Council’s partnership agreement with Gloucester City Council, Cheltenham Borough Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council in relation to the Joint Core Strategy20/04/2020For DeterminationBetween 03/08/2020 and 31/12/2021
GEGJC Gloucestershire Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee Activity Update18/02/2020Item Deferred18/03/2020
GEGJC LEP Barriers to Development - Action Plan and Planning18/02/2020Item Deferred18/03/2020
GEGJC Climate Change Presentation18/02/2020Item Deferred18/03/2020