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15/11/2023 - Procurement of a Security & Key Holding Service Framework for Gloucestershire County Council and partner premises located within Gloucestershire ref: 2139    Recommendations Approved

To seek approval to procure a Security & Keyholding Framework Agreement and to then award call-off contracts thereunder

Decision Maker: Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member - Finance and Change

Decision published: 15/11/2023

Effective from: 23/11/2023


In coming to this decision I have given due and full regard to the requirements of the public sector equality duty contained in section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 (“the Act”) by reference to the law itself.


Having fully considered all the available information, I have decided to reject the alternative options and take the recommended decision to:


Delegate authority to the Executive Director of Corporate Resources, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Finance and Change, to:

1.    Conduct a competitive procurement process in respect of a 4-year Framework Agreement under which the council, individual participating schools in Gloucestershire and additional four public sector partners may award call-off contracts for the supply of security & keyholding services for the council’s corporate properties, certain schools in Gloucestershire and additional four public sector partners.


2.    Award such Framework Agreement to the preferred tenderer.

3.    Procure and award 187 call-off contacts under such Framework Agreement for the supply of the security & keyholding services to the council in respect of its corporate properties. The proposed call-off contracts shall continue for an initial period of 3 years, and each include an option to extend its term for a further period of not more than 2 years (ie, 3+2 years).  In the event that the value of any single proposed call-off contract exceeds £500,000, a separate key decision will need to be considered in order to authorise the procurement of such call-off contract. 

NOTE: Participating schools and partner organisations shall each procure and award their own call-off contracts under the Framework Agreement.   

4.    Determine whether to exercise the option to extend each of the council’s call-off contracts for a further period of not more than 2 years on the expiry of the initial 3-year term.


For the reasons set out in the report.