Decisions published

02/09/2021 - Highways Routine Maintenance ref: 1728    Recommendations Approved

The following key decision was considered using the Council’s general exception rules because the decision was urgent and it was not possible to give 28 days notice on the Forward Plan. The decision was considered by the Cabinet Member for Highways and Flood.


Reasons for invoking general exception procedures (as set out in the Council’s Constitution, Rules on Access to Information Procedure Rules)


The unanticipated continuation of high demand into the summer, along with the continuing pressure on availability of resources and the need to address before the winter months has meant that it was necessary to act quickly to ensure there was additional investment in place to ensure appropriate resources were available to fix safety defects and comply with the Council’s statutory duty.


Decision: To seek formal approval to invest up to £1.3m of additional funds in highways routine maintenance.

Decision Maker: Cabinet Member - Highways and Flood

Decision published: 02/09/2021

Effective from: 10/09/2021


Having fully considered all of the available information, the Cabinet Member  Highways and Flood decided to reject the alternative options and take the recommended decision to:


Delegate authority to the Head of Highway Authority to invest up to £1.3m of additional funds in highways routine maintenance to be provided through

the Term Maintenance Contract.

For the reasons set out in the report.


Lead officer: Colin Chick