Issue - decisions

Schedule of Proposed Disposals

29/03/2023 - Schedule of Proposed Disposals (part exempt)

Cllr Lynden Stowe, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance and

Change, sought Cabinet approval for the proposed Schedule of Disposals in order to meet capital receipts targets.


Having considered all of the information, Cabinet noted the report and




1. Approve that those sites described in Appendix A (Exempt) which have previously been declared surplus by Cabinet in September 2022 and not yet disposed of, continue to be declared surplus to requirements.


2. Approve the sites listed on the proposed Schedule of Disposals Appendix B (Exempt) surplus to the Council’s land and property requirements.


3. Delegate authority to the Assistant Director – Asset Management and Property Services to dispose of these sites in consultation with the Deputy Leader/Cabinet Member for Finance and Change and Deputy Chief Executive/Executive Director for Corporate Resources.