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Finance, Performance and Risk Monitoring Report

21/06/2023 - Finance, Performance and Risk Monitoring Report

Cllr Lynden Stowe, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance and Change, provided an update on the year-end forecast for the 2022/23 County Council’s Revenue and Capital Budgets and reported on the Council’s performance and risk during Quarter 4 of 2022/23.



Having considered all of the information, Cabinet noted the report and




1. Note the 2022/2023 revenue budget underspend of £910k and recommends that £910k is transferred to General Reserves.


2. Approve the £1.748 million carry forward of the Covid 19 Emergency Grant funding and a further £405k of carry forwards, as detailed in annex 1.


3. Note other technical reserve movements for 2022/23 as set out in annex 3.


4. Note delivery of the £9.342 million of savings against a target of £10.987 million in 2022/23 or 85.03%


5. Transfer £568k to the Business Rates Reserve in relation to the GCC share of the surplus on the Business Rates Retention Pool. In addition, approve a transfer of £710k to the Business Rates Reserve, ring fenced for the Strategic Economic Development Fund as a result of the Business Rates Pool surplus for 22/23.


6. Transfer £4.92 million to the Business Rates Reserve following reconciliation and distribution of the DLUHC Levy Account from 2021/22.


7. Note the capital outturn position for 2022/23 of £122.771 million against a budget of £149.279 million, giving in year slippage of £26.508 million.


8. Approve an increase of £41.638 million in the Capital Programme and reallocation of capital funds as detailed in section G of the report.


9. It is recommended that the cabinet approve a drawing of £795k from the general reserves in 2023/24 to support a reduction in the SEND backlog and case loads


10.Consider this report of the Council’s performance and risks and identifies any areas of concern requiring further analysis, assurance or action.