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Procurement of Various GFRS Light Fleet Vehicles

21/09/2022 - Procurement of Various GFRS Light Fleet Vehicles

Cllr Dave Norman sought approval to procure 41 multiple type new Light Fleet Fire Vehicles to for Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue over the 2 year period commencing September 2022



Having considered all of the information, Cabinet noted the report and




Delegate  authority to the Executive Director of Economy, Environment & Infrastructure, in consultation with Chief Fire Officer and the Cabinet Member for Fire, Community Safety and Libraries to:


1. Conduct a series of mini-competition processes under the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Vehicle Purchase RM6060 Framework Agreement in respect of a series of call-off contracts for the supply of 41 various type light fleet vehicles to meet the business requirements, ensuring that the replacement of vehicles is economically advantageous and meets the requirements of the Council’s Climate Change Strategy during the two-year period commencing September 2022.


2. Award such call-off contracts to any preferred tenderer(s) as required.