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Bus Back Better - Gloucestershire's Bus Enhanced Partnership

30/03/2022 - Bus Back Better - Gloucestershire's Enhanced Partnership

Cllr Philip Robinson updated Cabinet on progress to date on developing the Gloucestershire Bus Enhanced Partnership (EP) document, and updated Cabinet with the initial results of the public consultation process.


Having considered all of the information, Cabinet noted the report and




Delegate authority to the Executive Director of Economy, Environment and Infrastructure to:


(a) further develop and finalise the Enhanced Partnership in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Economy, Education and Skills


(b) submit a draft Enhanced Partnership document to the Department for Transport (DfT) by 30/04/22, and subsequently submit the agreed final document by a date yet to be advised, and


(c) enter into the Enhanced Partnership agreement with transport operators later in the year once the date for final EP submission referred to in (b) is confirmed by the DfT.