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Financial Monitoring Report 2021/22

26/01/2022 - Financial Monitoring Report 2021/22

Cllr Lynden Stowe provided an update on the year-end forecast for the 2021/22 County Council’s Revenue and Capital Budgets


Having considered all of the information. Cabinet noted the report and




1. Note the forecast revenue year end position based on December 2021

(Period 9) forecasts for the 2021/22 financial year is an overspend of

£1.937 million all of which relates to non-Covid-19 expenditure, as we are

forecasting a balanced position in relation to Covid-19 expenditure and



2. Note the forecast capital year end position as at the end of November

2021 of £137.147 million against the current budget of £153.294 million.


3. Approve the £450k increase to the capital programme as outlined in

Section B.