Issue - decisions

Strategic Planning Funding Proposal

18/06/2020 - Strategic Planning Funding Proposal

The committee considered proposals for the continuation of the Gloucestershire Strategic Planning Coordination Project and:




1)    Note the current position of the strategic spatial planning coordination project;


2)    Approve the proposals set out in section 3 of the decision report to:


a)    Agree that the project lead provided by the Cheltenham BC Strategic Planning Manager continue until the end of the project. (Under this arrangement, from 1 June 2020 Cheltenham BC to be reimbursed with the salary costs for the officer time committed to the project in order that the Cheltenham Strategic Planning Manager post be backfilled as required).


b)    Agree that the costs reimbursed to Cheltenham BC be shared using the same arrangements agreed by the committee on 29 November 2017 and as set out in the decision report for this item. The cost will be less than the arrangement with Point Consultancy Ltd and anticipated not to exceed £15,000.