Issue - decisions

Business Pool Fund

18/06/2020 - Business Rate Pool Funding Update and SEDF Funding Proposals

The committee: -  


1)    Received an update on the forecast outturn of the 2019/20 Business Rates Pool and the estimated balance of the SEDF.


2)    Considered funding proposals from the GEGJC Officer Group for the allocation of funding from the Strategic Economic Development Fund, (SEDF) and




a)    SEDF Funding Proposal: Central Gloucestershire City Region Board


Allocated £2 million, (to be set aside within the SEDF), to support the work of the proposed Gloucestershire City Region Board, as requested by Leadership Gloucestershire.


b)    SEDF Funding Proposal: Multi-Modal Transport Brief


Allocated £410,000, (from the approved SEDF ring-fenced allocation allocated to the Central Gloucestershire City Regional Board at 6 a above), to support the commissioning of a Multi-Modal Transport Brief.