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Cheltenham Transport Plan Phase 4

20/12/2019 - Cheltenham Transport Plan Phase 4

At the Traffic Regulation Committee meeting on 16 December 2019, the committee was asked to consider the Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETROs) relating to Phase 4 of Cheltenham Transport Plan, (trial restriction of Clarence Street “Boots Corner”), and make a recommendation to Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet.


Vice Chairman of the Traffic Regulation (TR) Committee, Cllr Alan Preest, presented the final report of the Committee, (including recommendations), from the TR Committee meeting held on 16 December 2019.


Cllr Preest confirmed that the committee had considered the evidence made available to them, including all of the representations received in response to the final version of the ETROs, and had


RESOLVED to recommend that the Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet: -


Abandon the current Phase 4 Experimental Traffic Regulation Orders (ETROs) and revert back to the permanent Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) which had been in place immediately prior to the Phase 4 trial.


The Committee also RESOLVED to: - 


Recommend that, whether or not Cabinet agreed to abandon the Phase 4 ETROs and revert back to the permanent TROs, Cabinet should note that:


Ø  Capital investment is needed to improve the sequence of the traffic signals on the town centre ring road to make the routes more useable.


Ø  Clearer strategic route signage is needed throughout the town centre, to enable motorists to navigate their way around effectively.


Ø  Action needs to be undertaken on addressing the conflict between pedestrians and vehicles at various points in the town centre.


Cabinet considered the recommendation of the Traffic Regulation Committee and,  




1)    Abandon the amended versions of the ETROs for Phase 4 of the CTP;

2)    Delegate authority to the Lead Commissioner: Highway Authority to implement its decision;

3)    Commit to continuing to work with key stakeholders to improve transport and access in Cheltenham Town Centre.


Where the need to implement a decision so urgently pre-implementation review of the decision is not appropriate, the Council’s Constitution allows for the decision to be implemented urgently without imposing a call-in period. (To do so, the Chair of Council and the Chair of the relevant Scrutiny Committee, must confirm that it is necessary to implement the decision immediately). 


In accordance with paragraph 7.2 of the cabinet decision report for this decision, Cllr Ray Theodoulou, (Chair of Council), and Cllr Rob Bird, (Chair of the Environment Scrutiny Committee), agreed that the decision should be implemented immediately for the following reason: -     


The original CTP Phase 4 ETROs were implemented on 28 June 2018 for a period of no more than 18 months. The ETROs expire on 28 December 2019. Whatever the outcome of the Cabinet decision on 20 December 2019, the council’s 5 day call in procedure would restrict implementation of the decision until 1 January 2020, (following expiry of the ETROs).


The decision to abandon the amended versions of the ETROs for Phase 4 of the Cheltenham Transport Plan will therefore be implemented with immediate effect in accordance with the council’s procedures for Urgent Implementation of Cabinet Decisions.