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Proposed Parking Operational Services Contract

11/10/2018 - Proposed Parking Operational Services Contract

Having considered all of the information, including known proposals, alternative options and reasons for the recommendations, Cabinet noted the report and




Authorise the Lead Commissioner for Communities and Infrastructure to;


1.    Agree the preferred service option as proposed by officers.


2.    Conduct a legally compliant competitive tender process for the purpose of awarding a contract for the provision of parking enforcement services across Gloucestershire. The proposed contract shall be awarded to a single supplier and continue for an initial period of 5 years and shall include an option to extend such period for 3 further years.


3.    Upon conclusion of such competitive tender process, enter into a contract with the preferred provider who is evaluated as offering the Council best value for money for delivery of the required services. In the event that the preferred provider for the contract is either unable or unwilling to enter into that contract with the Council then the above-mentioned officers are authorised to enter into such contract with the next willing highest placed suitably qualified provider.


4.    Liaise with the Lead Cabinet Member regarding the progress of this procurement and keep him advised of any significant new risks that emerge in the course of implementing the procurement process described  in the published decision report.