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Financial Monitoring Report: 2016/17

02/02/2017 - Financial Monitoring Report: 2016/17

Cllr Ray Theodoulou, Cabinet Member: Finance and Change, gave an updateon the year end forecast for the 2016/17 County Council’s Revenue and Capital Budgets.


Having considered all of the information, including known proposals and the reasons for the recommendations, Cabinet noted the report and, 




  1. Note the forecast;


a)    Revenue year end position, as at the end of November for the 2016/17 financial year, of a £0.893 million under-spend.


b)    Capital year end position for 2016/17 of a £1.64 million under-spend against the re-profiled budget and the changes to the 2016/17 re-profiled budgets detailed in section B.


  1. Approve the transfer of £0.454 million from a revenue underspend  in the Technical & Corporate budget to the Economic Stimulus Reserve to fund costs associated with expanding the Council’s apprenticeship programme.


  1. Confirm the revised payment timetable of £1.0 million to Highways England between 1st February 2017 and 1st January 2018 in relation to the A417 Missing Link project in line with the funding agreement between the Council and Highways England.


  1. Approve the following changes to the capital programme:


a)    Increase the Adults capital programme by £1.834 million (£0.8 million in 2016/17 and £1.034 million in 2017/18), funded by a Department of Health Capital Grant, to enable the purchase and adaptation of various properties for people with learning difficulties.


b)    Increase the Highway capital budget by £0.44 million, funded from a revenue contribution of £0.35 million and an additional £0.09 million of developer and other external contributions to help fund a variety of highway schemes.


c)    Increase the capital programme for Safety Fencing by £0.25 million, funded from a revenue contribution from the Highways revenue budget.


d)    Increase the Waste capital budget by £0.10 million to fund capital improvements at Household Recycling Centres funded from a revenue contribution from the Waste revenue budget.


e)    Increase the ICT capital budget by £0.450 million, funded by a revenue contribution from a one off underspend in the ICT revenue budget, to fund investment in ICT equipment for social workers which will facilitate mobile working.