Committee details

Gloucestershire Police and Crime Panel Complaints Subcommittee

Purpose of committee

The Gloucestershire Police and Crime Panel protocol for complaints delegates the handling of non-criminal complaints regarding both quality of service and conduct to the monitoring officer of the Commissioner’s Office to broker local resolutions, resolve the complaints and restore relationships.


If local resolutions can not be brokered and the complainant wished to take the matter further then this could be brought to the attention of the Panel. A sub-committee is then set up to consider the complaint.


The Complaints Sub-Committee is made up of the lead members of the Panel as well as one of the available independent members.


An agenda will be published 5 clear working days before the meeting and the items handling the complaint will be in exempt session.


The Sub-Committee’s role is to facilitate informal resolution; this is about solving, explaining or clearing up, or settling a matter directly with the complainant without an investigation or formal proceedings. It is not a disciplinary process and does not involve any sanction.


Contact information

Support officer: Sophie Benfield. Email: