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Partner Use of Strategy: Cotswold District Council

A synopsis, including examples, of how Cotswold District Council has used the Gloucestershire Integrated Care Strategy as a framework for improving healthcare and wellbeing of its population.


Angela Claridge, (Director of Governance & Development), and Jacqueline Wright, (Community Wellbeing Manager), from Cotswold District Council, gave a detailed presentation on how CDC used the Gloucestershire Integrated Care Strategy to support the health and wellbeing of the district. The presentation highlighted the role of district councils in terms of primary prevention and identified opportunities for increased partnership working in relation to use of the strategy.


Included within the presentation were examples of good practice, plus an overview of the areas within the Integrated Care Strategy that might require improvement or further development. Members were asked to consider what opportunities, (within the framework of the strategy), they felt they could contribute to or offer more support going forward.


To view the reports and presentation published with the agenda, please refer to the link here


Referring to the Kings Fund Report “Driving Better Health Outcomes through Integrated Care Systems – the role of District Councils”, and the valuable role district councils have in influencing the wider determinants of health, members were encouraged to consider the narrative of the report and engage in more depth at the development session after the meeting.


It was suggested that, from enhanced partnership working, more could be done to strengthen the role of local authorities to promote and support health and care within their communities, including addressing issues relating to living conditions and affordable housing.


Encompassing all District Councils, it was hoped more opportunities might emerge from which to develop place-based projects and address some of the wider determinants of health. This would hopefully allow for better integration and increased focus on the preventive work already underway within the ICS.


Referencing the Kings Fund Report, it was suggested that a key strength of District Councils as local anchor organisations was the ability to influence the wider determinants of health from their close proximity to local communities as well as the leadership role they played within the districts.


Acknowledging the challenges of delivering effective services across such a large geographical area as Gloucestershire, the Kings Fund report advocated the creation of local partnerships and programmes of work based on a shared ambition of delivering better access to services and to better meet the needs of people through improved data sharing, multi-agency teams and redesigning services.


It was agreed local collaboration and strengthened partnership working were key components for development and improvement going forward.


Questions initiated at the meeting included: -


1)    What more can be done to help one another?

2)    How can we work better together in partnership?

3)    How can partnership working enable us to perform better?

4)    How can we improve the sharing of information and in what ways?

5)    What opportunities are there to increase the sharing of data?

6)    How can we support one another?


Reflecting on the outcomes of a recent discussion involving senior officers, it was agreed to share a paper on the interpretation of the Kings Report with the Partnership when completed. Action by – Director of Public Health


Noting the examples of good partnership working already in existence, it was suggested that a forum or special development session might be useful, with invitations to all Districts, as an opportunity to generate ideas and share information. Action – All






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