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Health and Wellbeing Board Endorsements

A summary of recent Health and Wellbeing Board Endorsements, including: -


1.    Joint Forward Plan


2.    Annual Report


3.    Better Care Fund


Director of Public Health, Siobhan Farmer, referred to the busy 6 month period that had followed the transition of the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to the NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ICB) and of the impact of the new arrangements on the Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB), and gave an update on the following areas of work: -


a)    Joint Forward Plan (replacing commissioning plans)


Before the start of each financial year, the ICB, with its partner NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts, must prepare a 5-year joint forward plan, to be refreshed each year.


ICBs are required to involve the Health and Wellbeing Board in the work to produce the Joint Forward Plan in the following ways: -


                      i.        Joint forward plans for the ICB and its partner NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts must set out any steps that the ICB proposes to take to implement the Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JLHWS).


                    ii.        ICBs and their partner NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts must involve each relevant HWB in preparing or revising their forward plans, in particular, the HWB must be provided with a draft of the forward plan, and the ICB must consult with the HWB on whether the draft takes proper account of each relevant JLHWS


                   iii.        Following consultation, the HWB has the right to respond to the ICB and may give its opinion to NHS England


                   iv.        The ICB forward plan must include a statement from the HWB as to whether the JLHWS has been taken proper account of within the forward plan


b)    Annual Report – the ICB is required to produce an annual report. Included in the report, the ICB is required to review any steps taken to implement the Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JLHWS). In preparing the review, the ICB must consult with the HWB.


c)    Better Care Fund – members received an update on the ambitions, including joint priorities, identified by the BCF for 2023-25. These remained largely unchanged and included: -


                      i.        Supporting improvements in urgent and emergency care; Focusing on reducing waiting times and delivering high quality pathways for planned care, (supported by transformation across planned and cancer care pathways);


                    ii.        Ongoing Covid-19 recovery, including reducing waiting times for appointments, treatments and operations;

                   iii.        Improving mental health services for people with all ages, including supporting people with learning disabilities and autism;


                   iv.        Developing and supporting the existing workforce, while promoting recruitment in health and social care for the county;


                    v.        Making the most of data and technology to support care;


                   vi.        Reducing health inequalities;


                  vii.        Improving population health across the life-course through place-based integrated working; placing a greater a focus on personal responsibility, wellbeing and prevention and self-care and supporting people to help themselves.


Members noted the 5 key metrics under review by the Better Care Fund. These included: -


                      i.        Avoidable admissions

                    ii.        Discharge to usual place of residence

                   iii.        Residential Admissions

                   iv.        Reablement

                    v.        Falls (a new metric for 2023)


A detailed report on the Gloucestershire Better Care Fund, (incorporating details relating to 60 programmes), to be presented to the HWB in 2024. Action by – Executive Director of Adult Social Care, Wellbeing and Communities


Members were invited to note the Government Guidance Document ‘Better Care Fund Narrative Plan 2023-25’ on the NHS England website. Copies of the narrative are available on request from


The update was noted.

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