Agenda item

Creating One Workforce for One Gloucestershire

Examples of current partnership working that contribute to the workforce ambitions of the County.


Members received a combined presentation of examples of current partnership working aimed at achieving workforce ambitions, including work towards development of a One Workforce for One Gloucestershire Strategy. The presentation included 3 examples of work, comprising: - international recruitment, (Riki Moody & Ollie Counter), apprenticeships for secondary school children, (Mandy Tuckey & Christy Costello), and apprenticeship levy, (Dan Boon).


To view the slideshow presentation presented at the meeting, please refer to the link published on the Gloucestershire County Council website here.


Key points raised during the discussion included: -


      i.        Recruitment within Adult Social Care is a significant area of concern, with a high number of vacancies;


    ii.        In a joint exercise between NHS Gloucestershire and GCC, efforts are being made to look at long-term solutions across the whole Adult Social Care system, (including international recruitment and retention initiatives);


   iii.        It was agreed it was important not to duplicate work and, wherever possible, to link/combine different aspects of work being considered by the Partnership;


   iv.        Members were asked to consider how Partnership organisations could come together to combine efforts in encouraging more people to live and work in Gloucestershire;


    v.        Key workforce (12 month) ambitions set out in the One Workforce for One Gloucestershire Strategy included: -


a)    A reduction in vacancies and turnover rates across all system partners;


b)    Further expansion of apprenticeships roles, internships, volunteering and other alternative routes to employment;


c)    A system wide Workforce Wellbeing Strategy and support offer for the workforce across Gloucestershire;


d)    Cross sector career development opportunities, including the opportunity for more employed staff to sit on VCSE sector boards.


   vi.        Key workforce (5 year) ambitions set out in the One Workforce for One Gloucestershire Strategy included: -


e)    Vacancy rates across all partners in our system to be reduced by 50%;


f)     More individuals with protected characteristics, including Black Asian and Minority Ethnic groups recruited to senior leadership positions across partners;

g)    A system wide learning and development platform across Gloucestershire accessible by all partners organisations;


h)    Greater employment mobility across public, voluntary and community sectors but with strong retention across the County.


  vii.        Referring to the one page draft ‘Developing One Workforce for One Gloucestershire’ Strategy, the following questions/actions were asked of the Partnership: -


a)    To share thoughts on priority focus areas?


b)    To advise of any other priority focus areas not yet heard about?


c)    To consider how the Partnership can progress practical and action focused collaborations?


 viii.        The draft one page strategy to be presented/considered for approval by the Integrated Care Board in September.


   ix.        One member questioned the relationship of the voluntary care sector to the strategy and asked if any engagement was planned with the VCSE?  It was agreed to share the full draft strategy with members to provide a more detailed update. Action by – Tracey Cox


    x.        Another member referred to the disparities in pay and equalities between public and private sector organisations and asked if this could be included in the work of the Partnership/referred to by the strategy. Action by – Becky Willmoth/Tracey Cox


The presentation was noted with a request that members take away the information and submit any comments via the partnership mailbox in advance of the next meeting.