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Adult Social Care, Wellbeing and Communities Presentation

Sarah Scott, Executive Director of Adult Social Care, Wellbeing and Communities, to present an overview of the work undertaken by the Adult Social Care Team, (and within the remit of the committee), including anticipated issues and activities that may require consideration during the forthcoming year.


Members will be invited to ask questions.


Professor Sarah Scott, Executive Director for Adult Social Care, Well-being and Communities, gave a detailed overview of the work of the Adult Social Care Team, (within the scope of the committee terms of reference), including anticipated issues and activities that may require consideration during 2023-24.


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Responding to questions, the following information was clarified at the meeting: -


The ‘Your Circle’ Website is a useful source of information, advice and support available to the residents of Gloucestershire to enable people to stay independent, safe and well. Your Circle is run by Gloucestershire County Council, with support from statutory, health, social care and community sector partners across the county. To visit the ‘Your Circle’ website at please open the link here or visit the Gloucestershire County Council website at the link here


Outlining the management and spending of the Adult Social Care net budget 2023/24, (agreed at £183,851,000 and constituting approximately 32% of the Gloucestershire County Council total budget), it was confirmed that approximately £40 million of the net budget was funded by the Adult Social Care Levy and approximately £20 million by the Improved Better Care Fund (iBCF). The aim of the Improved Better Care Fund is to ensure the right care is provided to those people who need it the most.


It was explained that an additional £19.6 million of funding was received by way of service user contributions, plus an additional £31.6 million from the Better Care Fund National Programme and from other joint funding. The gross budget constituted £235 million, (of which approximately 25% is contributed via the NHS).


Launched in 2015, the Better Care Fund (BCF) is a national programme of funding, thorough which local areas agree how to spend a local pooled budget in accordance with national requirements. The budget is made up of NHS funding as well as local government grants, one of which is the iBCF (improved Better Care Fund).


Responding to questions on the budget, it was confirmed that spending was very closely monitored throughout the year, with a degree of confidence that the current breakeven forecast would remain on target for the end of year budget. Every effort was made to improve and promote services from the co-producing/commissioning of services and from continuing to develop a strong relationship with the NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ICB).


Responding to a question about the joint working relationship between the County Council and District Councils in terms of Adult Social Care, it was explained that the County Council budget concentrated more on mental health than on mental wellbeing. It was agreed, however, that it might be an appropriate time to revisit the county’s work with the districts.


Noting several questions on the provision of respite care for carers and people requiring care, it was agreed to provide a written overview after the meeting, including the number of respite beds provided by the council. It was acknowledged, however, that the focus remained on how best to support people in their own homes. Action by – Adult Social Care Team 


Forming part of the Adult Social Care improvement plan was an aspiration to promote direct payments.


Cllr Carole Allaway-Martin, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care: Commissioning, clarified that the County Council represented one partner involved in a whole partnership approach to delivering adult social care. Focussing on patient centred goals, real advances were being made in providing dementia care. Good, strong, relationships with NHS Gloucestershire and the voluntary sector enabled the County Council to maximise its ambitions. 


The update was noted.

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