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Annual Report on Risk Management Activity

The Committee is asked to note the report.


Darren Skinner, Head of Planning, Performance & Insight explained the report aimed to update and provide assurance to the Audit & Governance Committee (AGC) on changes and improvements made to the Risk Management (RM) Framework during 2022-2023, including those made in response to the Audit Review undertaken in the previous year.


It was explained through the Council’s Constitution, the Audit and Governance Committee had responsibility for monitoring the effective development and operation of risk management in the Council and to monitor progress in addressing risk-related issues reported to the Committee.   The annual activity report summarised the key changes and improvements to the risk management framework each year, including amendments to the Strategic Risk Register.

In response to a question, it was noted that questions relating to specific areas should be referred to the appropriate Director.  The Head of Planning, Performance & Insight explained that the target risk was based on what was regarded as achievable given the resources available. 



It was noted that many of the risks had remained at the same level, and there were some movements.  Members were advised that the first page of the risk register displayed the overall movement and the Risk Register only included risks that required collective oversight by the Corporate Leadership Team (CLT). It was understood that certain risks, for example Health & Safety, staff welfare, were on the risk register because they were a responsibility that was shared by the whole council.   A member remarked that the risk management training session was beneficial and perhaps a refresher session would be helpful. 


The Committee were reminded it was their role to provide the appropriate challenge and ensure the attention was focused accordingly and mitigations would help to maintain risks at a reasonable level, as policy changes, funding and market changes could all affect the risk register. 


During the discussion it was noted there was a typographical error on Page 139 of the report, and the score would be amended. 


The Independent Person questioned the difficulties in recruiting and the level of associated.  It was noted the scored was being reconsidered by the new Head of Human Resources, although it was acknowledged there were difficulties in recruiting Adults & Children’s Social workers, but this was also a national issue too. 


The Executive Director of Corporate Resources explained efforts underway to promote working in Gloucestershire and this would be launched in September as part of a recruitment drive.  It was noted there had been some improvement in Children’s Social Care and he urged the committee to not micro-manage risks.  As it was a strategic risk register and CLT were reasonably pleased with the progress made.  Members were informed that the individual scrutiny committees were also monitoring risks within their appropriate areas. 




That the Committee noted the key developments in the framework this year and approved the actions against suggested improvements, put forward in the independent review of risk carried out by TIAA.


The Committee noted the amendments to the strategic risk register arising from its annual review at Corporate Leadership Team.



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