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Gloucestershire Community Drug and Alcohol Service

An update on the Gloucestershire Community Drug and Alcohol Service.


Helen Flitton, (Head of Commissioning: Complex Needs), gave a detailed update on the Gloucestershire Community Drug and Alcohol Service.


In response to national guidance published in June 2022, Helen set out the actions being taken to reduce the harms caused by drugs and alcohol in Gloucestershire, including the setting up of a multi-agency partnership chaired by Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Nick Evans. Partners included Gloucestershire Police; Health Providers; Children and Young People Commissioners; Adult Services; Voluntary and Care Sector; People with lived experience and Probation Service.


Work with communities and partners to concentrate on the following key priority areas:


a)    Breaking Drug Supply Chains 

b)    Deliver a World Class Treatment and Recovery System

c)    Achieve a Generational Shift in the Demand for Drugs and Alcohol


Actions on each of the three areas would be developed over the following weeks. The Treatment Sub Group was currently ahead of the other two groups, and had identified three main areas to focus on for the remainder of the year. It was explained that emphasis was being placed on working with other strategic areas, including serious organised crime; domestic abuse and work identified by the Integrated Care Strategy. This would strengthen the collective working together to target key areas and also avoid the potential for duplication.


A National Outcomes Framework Dashboard was anticipated at the end of June 2023, to include data on the following plus additional measures on issues such as housing and employment: -


a)    Number in Treatment – Adults

b)    Number in Treatment – Young People

c)    New presentations

d)    Deaths in treatment

e)    Residential uptake

f)     Inpatient uptake

g)    Continuity of Care

h)    Treatment Progress


The next stages of progressing this work included: -


a)    Action Plan and Performance Dashboard Completion – June 2023

b)    Annual Statement of Progress publication – July 2023

c)    Multi-agency/lived experience conference (to co-develop the next iteration of the action plan) - Autumn 2023 or Early Spring 2024. The conference to include all voluntary sector and community organisations

d)    Recommissioning of the Adult Community Drug and Alcohol Service (tender due for publication on 19 May 2023/award in September 2024)


Members expressed specific concerns about the rise in the number of young people taking drugs and enquired if there would be an under age 16 survey to consider numbers/identify any trends? It was confirmed that, whilst there had been a decline in the number of young people affected by alcohol, the numbers of young people taking drugs had increased. No national data was recorded to reflect this information.


The (GCC) Gloucestershire County Council Young Person Survey, (a confidential survey), would, however, continue to investigate this area of concern, locally. A report on the outcomes of the survey, including work in collaboration with Gloucestershire Police, to be shared with the committee. Action by – Public Health Team


It was later suggested that the Gloucestershire Drug and Alcohol Partnership be invited to make a presentation to the committee later in the year and this was agreed. Action by – Public Health Team


In response to specific concerns about the impact of drugs on children, it was agreed that the Drug and Alcohol Services, (Children’s Commissioners), include an update to the committee as part of the Director of Public Health’s report to the committee. Action by – Public Health Team


The report was noted.

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