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Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ICB) Joint Forward Plan

An update on development of the NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ICB) 5-year Joint Forward Plan (JFP).



6.1 Dan Corfield, (Associate Programmes Director for the NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care System), gave a detailed update on behalf of the NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (ICB), on the requirement by the ICB to produce a 5-year Joint Forward Plan (JFP). Please refer to the attached slide-show presentation presented at the meeting for details of the update. The presentation included a summary of the information considered by the Board at its meeting on 17 January 2023.


6.2 It was reaffirmed that, in accordance with the Health and Care Act 2022, the ICB, (along with partner NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts), was required to prepare a 5-year joint forward plan (JFP), prior to the start of each financial year. The plan to be refreshed each year.


6.3 The JFP to focus on the following 4 key elements:


a)    To improve the outcomes of the population’s health and healthcare

b)    To address inequalities in outcomes, experience and access

c)    To Enhance productivity and value for money, and

d)    To assist the NHS support broader social and economic development requirements


6.4 In accordance with the requirements of the Health and Care Act 2022, the ICB must inform the Health and Wellbeing Board of the steps the ICB proposes for implementation of the Joint Local HWB Strategy (JLHWS). The HWB to consider a draft version of the forward plan, for which the ICB must consult with the HWB on whether the plan has taken proper account of the relevant JLHWS.


6.5 Following an appropriate period of consultation, the HWB has the right to respond to the ICB on the process for submission. On formal submission of the draft forward plan to NHS England, the ICB must include a statement from the HWB on whether it agrees the JLHWS has been properly taken into account during the development of the joint forward plan.


6.6 Noting JFP guidance published in December 2022, members were advised of the timescales for development and publication of the Gloucestershire JFP 2023. It was noted that the proposed approach for producing the JFP was based on the 5-year aims and milestones taken from NHS transformation programmes, (to reflect the ‘pillars’ of the new ICP Strategy). Engagement and consultation had been conducted in line with the ICP Strategy process in order to avoid potential duplication and engagement fatigue.


6.7 Publication of the final version of the JFP to be published at the end of June 2023. Any comments from the HWB to be included in the final (published) version of the JFP. The draft version of the plan to be endorsed at a confidential ICP Board meeting on 29 March 2023 before submission to NHSE on 31 March 2023.


6.8 To prepare for the final period of engagement during the period April and June, members were asked to note the update and provide any feedback on the revised structure of the plan, including alignment of the plan with the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The Health and Wellbeing Board was asked to produce a statement to this effect before the end of May 2023 for governance review and sign-off prior to final submission of the plan on 30 June 2023.


6.9 A public version of the plan to be made available and monitored on a quarterly basis.


6.10 Chair of the HWB, Cllr Carole Allaway-Martin, referred to the complexity of the document and commended the level of progress involved in the development of the plan to date.


6.11 Healthwatch Gloucestershire acknowledged the complexity of the plan and questioned the arrangements for public engagement. Stressing the need for effective communication, Healthwatch Gloucestershire highlighted the need to engage with those people who might have an interest in the plan but could potentially struggle to understand the development process and the opportunity to contribute to the process. Noting the intention to produce a public version of the plan, it was suggested that the public version be shared with the Board. Action by -  Dan Corfield, (Associate Programmes Director for the NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care System)


6.12 In noting the plan, it was agreed the final draft version of the JFP would be circulated to the Health and Wellbeing Board following approval at the ICB meeting on 29 March 2023. Action by -  Dan Corfield, (Associate Programmes Director for the NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care System)


6.13 Subject to comments from board members, Chair, Cllr Carole Allaway-Martin and Director of Public Health, (Gloucestershire), to produce a statement on behalf of the Health and Wellbeing Board. The draft statement to be circulated for agreement by members, prior to submission to NHSE as the Health and Wellbeing Board Statement with the final version of the plan in June 2023. Action by – Cllr Carole Allaway-Martin/Siobhan Farmer

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