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Pay Policy Statement 2023/24

Members to review the changes to this years Pay Policy Statement and approve if appropriate.


The Committee noted that the 2011 Localism Act and the associated statutory guidance set out in ‘Openness and Accountability in Local Pay: Guidance under section 40 of the Localism Act 2011’ required the Council to produce a Pay Policy Statement for each financial year. The purpose of the Pay Policy Statement was to provide a clear and transparent policy on the Council’s position on the remuneration of its Chief Officers and other employees, which demonstrated openness, accountability and value for money to the public.


Mandy Quale gave a brief overview of the Pay Policy Statement with the Committee noting the changes outlined in the paper form the previous year:


·         Para 14 Updated to reflect that the Chief Fire Officer post is now set against an Executive Reward Band grade rather than a spot salary. The salary for the postholder remains the same as previously, as the spot rate had been set at the salary applicable to the top of the grade. 

·         Para 17 Updated list of posts in which the post-holder earns £100k or more (FTE).

·         Para 65 New paragraph to reflect the pay and conditions applicable to existing staff undertaking an apprenticeship to upskill within their existing role.

·         Para 69 Updatedreference to the Government’s renewed statement of intent to introduce alternative measures to restrict excessive severance payments to public sector employees. This follows the withdrawal in February 2021 of the previous regulations, prior to a judicial review hearing.

·         Some incidental (non-substantive) changes to wording and format to improve clarity.


There was some additional context provided


There was a question regarding the additions to the list of posts at more than 100k. In response, it was explained that the director grade did start below that bracket and then stretch across the £100k, Two of the three additions had moved up an increment putting them above that level. The additional post was covered in the minutes of the previous meeting which was the reinstatement of a Director of Public Health. The £100K threshold had been set many years previous and had not moved as salary levels had increased.


One member commented on the statement within the paper on wanting to attract the best person for the job. He asked whether anything could go into a statement  around encouraging individual officers to live within the County. It was clarified that the statement was just relating to pay. There was further discussion around whether there was a need for officers to be living in the county, against ensuring the quality of the applicants by being more flexible.


There was a question on which officers were part of the Gold command rota which had additional hours for being on call (for instance during weekends) and whether this was part of their role or whether there was additional payments. It was explained that there was a statement in the paper which outlined that overtime and additional hours at that executive level was not subject to additional payments. The wording around this could be strengthened to emphasise that the senior roles of the Council including this ‘on call’ element as part of their responsibilities.




RESOLVED TO RECOMMEND TO THE COUNCIL that the revised Pay Policy Statement 2023-24 be adopted.


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