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Adult Social Care Report

An update from the Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health, (Gloucestershire County Council), on matters relating to adult social care, including an update on the response to the COVID-19 Emergency.


The committee received an update from the Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health on matters relating to Adult Social Care for the county.


In a verbal update to the committee, members noted information on the investigation by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) into a complaint against the County Council. It was confirmed that a report would be presented to Cabinet by the Council’s Monitoring Officer and the Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health at the cabinet meeting the following day, (10 November 2021). The purpose of the report would be to advise Cabinet of a finding of maladministration and injustice by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman and to recommend appropriate actions to take in response.


In considering the report, Cabinet would be recommended to:


1)    Accept in full the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) recommendations, as set out in sections 13 and 14 of the report;


2)    Support and endorse the actions identified by the Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health, as set out in paragraphs 15 to 23 of the report, and


3)    Meet the LGSCO’s requirement of sending a copy of the cabinet report and the minutes of the cabinet meeting at which the investigation was discussed to all County Councillors.


A report on the progress of the cabinet decision would be brought to the Adult Social Care and Communities Scrutiny Committee meeting on 25 January 2022, where there would be an opportunity for members to engage in a detailed discussion on the delivery of actions proposed by the Local Ombudsman. A key role of the committee would be to monitor delivery of the actions by the Adult Social Care Team.


The committee received an update on the progress of the council’s social care reform work. It was reported that, in September 2021, the Government had released the ‘Build Back Better Plan for Health and Social Care’ policy document, setting out the government’s plan for adult social care in England, including a section on the Health and Social Care Levy. The Government to work with local government leaders, the NHS, service users and carers to develop and publish a White Paper for reforming adult social care. The committee to receive regular updates on this important piece of work. Action by - Executive Director of Adult Social Care and Public Health


Responding to questions on the escalation of costs in relation to the park home project and seeking assurances in response to concerns about the recruitment of care home staff, it was agreed to respond to the following questions relating to park home costs after the meeting and to provide an update on recruitment issues at the next meeting. Action by – Housing with Care Team

Questions from Cllr Cate Cody (Park Homes)


The Gloucestershire Strategic Housing Partnership has continued to enhance the Warm and Well Programme, enabling greater collaboration between the County Council, District Councils and the NHS and resulting in considerable additional funding to support projects in the county.


Two grants of approximately £1m were awarded to the county as part of the Local Authority Delivery phase 1a and 1b of the Green Homes Grant Scheme in 2020-21. This will enable the insulation of an additional 200 park homes and also offer air source heat pumps to residents in rural areas who have no gas supply. This, not only improves the energy efficiency of homes to make them warmer, but also significantly reduces carbon emissions.”


1)    How many park homes in rural areas where there is no gas supply will be offered air source heat pumps? (I’ve purposely specified park homes rather than residents in park homes because if it’s a couple this would be two residents, but just one residence.)


2)    There were two grants of approximately £1m in 2020 /21, presumably therefore, the insulation of the 200 park homes are the ones we’ve seen in a previous report rather than additional?


3)    Have the air source heat pumps already gone in?  If not, what is the likely impact in terms of materials and labour doubling in cost?


The report was noted.

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