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Next steps - Health and Wellbeing Board and Integrated Care Partnership


Members received a detailed update on the formation of a statutory Integrated Care System (ICS) for Gloucestershire and introduction of an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).


In response to revised health and care legislation, ICPs will be jointly convened by Local Authorities and the NHS as equal partners and comprise a broad alliance of organisations and representatives responsible for improving the care, health and wellbeing of the population they serve.


It was explained that the purpose of the update at this meeting was to report on the progress of the outcomes and activities agreed at a joint workshop held between the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) and the Integrated Care System (ICS) Board in September 2021; to outline the preferred model on how the HWB and ICP should operate and to identify the next stages in the development of the ICS.


The proposed timeline, (including the update presented at this meeting), to progress the formation of the ICP included: -


02 November 2021 – the HWB to discuss and review the progress of activities agreed at the joint workshop on 21 September 2021, and next steps;


18 January 2022 – the HWB to consider proposals on the development of the ICS and any amendments to the Terms of Reference;


14 March 2022 – the Gloucestershire County Council Constitution Committee to consider the outcomes of the HWB decision, (including amendments to the Terms of Reference), for inclusion in the Gloucestershire County Council Constitution; 


18 May 2022 - Gloucestershire County Council (Full Council) to ratify the Constitution Committee decision.


It was acknowledged that further work would be required to align the two boards, including detailed consideration of the proposal for a shared secretariat to service both the Board and the Partnership. Further refinement would also be required on the design of the Partnership in light of further national guidance and any amendments to legislation. It was agreed it would be useful for the secretariat to form as quickly as possible.


No suggestions were made on the proposed membership of the secretariat but it was agreed the terms of reference should be emailed to members to comment on in advance of the next update to the Board in January 2022. 


In noting the report, the Board


1)    Acknowledged the timeline for decision making;

2)    Confirmed Option 3 as the preferred option;

3)    Agreed, (in principle) that a joint secretariat should serve both boards;

4)    Agreed that the secretariat initially consider and make recommendations on the detail of the form and functions of both boards.

5)    Supported the proposal that the meetings of both boards be aligned to meet on the same day in succession;

6)    Acknowledged the need for clarification on how the voice of patients, carers and citizens should be represented by the ICP.


The Board reinforced the need to avoid the duplication of meetings and suggested that a separate HWB meeting be held once a year.


Reflecting on how far the HWB has progressed, some members emphasised the need to ensure strong and robust structures are put in place and the need to respond quickly to updates and directives.

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