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Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group Performance Report

To consider an overview of performance by the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group against NHS constitutional and other agreed standards.


To include an update on ambulance response times during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Mary Hutton, (Lead Officer from the NHS CCG/One Gloucestershire Integrated Care Service), and Dr Andy Seymour (Clinical Chair), gave an update on the performance of the Gloucestershire CCG against NHS constitutional and other agreed standards. A summary of performance against national and local standards, as reported to the GCCG Governing Body, formed part of the update.


At the time of the meeting, it was confirmed that the number of Covid-19 cases across the county was increasing, with a significant increase in the number of hospital admissions. The number of cases was higher than anticipated, with increased pressures placed on urgent care services. It was important to note, however, that both Covid-19 and Non-Covid-19 patients were still able to access beds and services across the county.


Overall, Gloucestershire was performing well in comparison to the national position, with the exception of the A & E 4 hour performance standard. It was confirmed that there had been a significant decline in overall A & E performance locally, largely attributed to the Covid-19 measures in place in relation to infection, prevention and control and social distancing. Such measures had impacted significantly on the performance of the emergency department at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital site.


Cancer performance targets had improved over the summer months, particularly in meeting the 62 day standard. Gloucestershire compared well to the national position in relation to all cancer targets. 


Work on improving diagnostic performance standards was continuing but still significantly impacted by the COVID-19 emergency. Performance had, however, stabilised, with some signs of recovery.


Responding to specific questions on the pressures placed on Gloucestershire Royal Hospital from having to respond to the Covid-19 emergency, members were assured that every effort was being made to prepare for a second wave of the virus and the impact of such on the county’s hospitals during the winter.


Particular concern was expressed about the need to cancel planned surgery, as had been reported on the radio the previous day. Mary Hutton acknowledged the concerns and informed the committee that a considerable amount of work was being taken to address the issue, including a revision and enhancement of the winter plan. It was noted that Gloucestershire was one of the few hospital trusts in the region continuing to prioritise cancer patients. A huge effort was being undertaken as part of a joined up team effort and working programme.


Acknowledging concerns about ambulance waiting times at Gloucestershire Royal, and conscious that, whilst the system was currently not performing as well as it should be, it was also pointed out that emergency departments in Gloucestershire were coping better and less crowded than in other parts of the country. 


The committee noted the significant amount of work being invested in responding to the challenges of the pandemic and commended the efforts of all those involved. Several members expressed strong support for the work being undertaken and a concerned understanding of the demands being placed on NHS staff.


One member enquired whether a dashboard of performance data from other local authorities could be provided for the committee to draw on comparisons with other hospital trusts. The request was noted and it was agreed to look at developing the performance report to include comparisons with other regions in 2021. Action by – NHS GCCG


The performance report was noted.

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