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Gloucestershire Skills Agenda Update

To receive an update on Gloucestershire’s local skills response, and on the skills portal.

The skills portal can be accessed at the following web address:



Pete Carr, Director of Employment and Skills, GFirst LEP, provided the Committee with a presentation on proposals for Gloucestershire’s local skills response, and on the skills portal.


The difficulties facing individuals as a result of the pandemic, such as those on furlough, those who had been made redundant, or those working in sectors, such as hospitality, which had been significantly affected by Covid-19 restrictions, were highlighted. It was recognised that the skills agenda was integrated with County and district economic recovery plans.


It was explained that the skills portal brings together in one place careers and skills advice, and support at both a national and local level. It was understood that the portal would be a live document. The portal went live last week, and members were invited to share their feedback.


It was also noted that the Careers Hub had been launched this morning, which would provide support to schools and colleges, helping them to connect with local businesses, and take part in virtual work experience.


The proposals for Gloucestershire’s local skills response were explained to the Committee. Key priorities have been considered in consultation with partners, including training providers and the DWP, and the work stream would be driven and monitored by the Gloucestershire Skills Advisory Panel, reporting to the GFirst LEP Board and this Committee.


Four priorities, which included information and signposting; apprenticeships; unemployment/redundancy support; and digital and cyber skills, had been developed and details were provided as to how these priorities could be delivered. The resources currently available for these proposals, as well as the resources that are currently missing, or require further investigation, were highlighted in the presentation.


It was understood that Pete Carr was working alongside economic and skills leads in the districts on the agenda. It was also noted that Growth Hub partners would be meeting in December to talk to district leads about redundancy support. Members were asked to feed through any opportunities to support local people through their skills leads.


The importance of this agenda and collaboration on skills, particularly in light of the current pandemic, was acknowledged by the Committee.


There was an offer to share work by Cotswold District Council on the development of skills relating to the visitor economy, such as on work to enable businesses to become more digitally enabled.


Following a query, it was explained that conversations about setting up clearing offers for apprenticeships through UCAS needed to be re-entered. It was also noted that Worcestershire had an apprenticeship hub linked to their growth hub, which would be explored locally.


A comment was made regarding the support offered by trade unions to individuals who had been made redundant, even if they were not union members.


It was requested that an update be provided on the Skills Advisory Board and the development of the skills strategy. It was agreed that this would be added to the work plan for the Committee meeting in March 2021. An update on the skills portal would also be provided at that meeting.


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