Agenda item

One Place

Indicative Timings – 11:05 to :11:50


Members to be briefing on:


·         Urgent care and centres of excellence

·         Current arrangements and proposals



6.1       Becky Parish opened the item by first, giving an update on the NHS Long Term Plan Engagement from Spring 2019.


6.2       The Committee heard that members of the public were asked ‘what matters to you’ in relation to:


·         ‘The Place’: how you and your family get health advice, support and services when you need them, in your home, neighbourhood, community and county.

·         ‘The Life Course’ – your health priorities at every stage in life.

·         Supporting better care – supporting staff, making best use of technology, reducing waste and making best use of resources.

6.3       In response, the local NHS received 3000 individual comments and this will be formed into a full report analysing the qualitative data.


6.4       Members were informed the main feedback in reference to each area was:


·         The Place: access to GP appointments, access to good quality advice available and accessible in a timely way, getting urgent advice and treatment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

·         The Life Course: having choice and control over their own lives, with a very strong focus on adult and young peoples mental health

·         Supporting better care: best use of resources i.e. reducing waste and using technology efficiently. It was agreed for members to receive a briefing note on the new ‘Joining Up Your Information’ database that is now live.



6.5       There was then a brief overview of the next stage of engagement across the county.


6.6       Members heard for summer/autumn 2019, there would be a number of workshops, surveys and drop ins, as well as a Citizens’ Jury and Engagement Hearing. The Committee were keen to have dates and details of all the engagement activities as soon as they were available.


6.7       The Chair reinforced this action so that Committee members are able to attend as many engagement sessions as possible over the autumn, as well as spreading the word within their communities.




6.8       Several members asked details on the Citizens Jury. They were informed that the jury will be made up of diverse representatives from across the county, it will be a week long, likely to be held mid-October and a location is still being finalised. It will be open to the public to watch and a report following the event will also be in the public domain. A briefing paper on the Jury and breakdown of membership will be shared with the Committee in due course.




6.9       Cheltenham members raised concerns that the discussion topic for the jury effects Cheltenham and Gloucester significantly. It would therefore be seen as appropriate for the venue to be in one or both of these districts so as many local constituents are able to attend as possible.


6.10    The Committee were aware of the last Citizens Jury being on the topic of Forest of Dean hospitals, and noted that a decision regarding the exact location for the new hospital for the Forest of Dean had still not been made 12 months on. It was agreed a written update will be provided to the Committee.




6.11    Members expressed concern that the jury will only be made up of 18 people, which was the same number used for a single district jury in the Forest of Dean. In response, members were advised that the jury was to be independently facilitated by Citizens’ Juries CIC and The Jefferson Centre, who were mindful of not making the process too complicated with a large number of jury members. It was reiterated that the NHS is hosting other engagement activities in all of the districts.


6.12    The Committee were informed that the NHS were not involved with the recruitment of the jury. Advertisements would try to reach as many people as possible through social media, local publications, radio, libraries etc.


6.13    There was concern expressed about appointment availability at the Aspen Centre in Gloucester. In response, Mary Hutton explained that demand on primary care had gone up by 9% and on top of this there had been an issue with the Aspen Centre’s telephone system. This is now being monitored weekly and there was confidence this has improved.


6.14    The Committee also heard that Gloucestershire had been rated above average for satisfaction with primary care access in the national GP Patient Survey which would be shared with members at their meeting in September as part of the agenda item focussing Primary Care.




6.15    In summing up the actions for this item, the Chair also expressed that the Committee should invite Healthwatch Gloucestershire to share their perspective with members on the NHS Long-Term Engagement.



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