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Children's Centres - A Position Statement

Each report is an evaluation of a range of key areas of children and family centre activity during the year 2017-2018, for information.


16.1     The Assistant Director for Integrated Children and Families Commissioning informed the committee that this was the first report following the redesign of Children’s Centres. There had been some delay to this report due to data not being collected as expected. The redesign had been about a more targeted approach to supporting children and families. The redesign also met the needs of the Families First agenda. The committee was informed that all targets had been exceeded.


16.2     It was questioned whether the targets had been set too low as they had all been met. It was explained that in the redesign of the service it had not been known exactly what the need would be, and the level of referrals had been higher than expected but that the service had been able to keep up with demand. In setting targets data previously identified had been used. Stretch targets could be included if required. Members were assured that children on a protection plan were a priority and the contract had been configured to reflect this. It was also explained that the contract was based on an outcome model approach.


16.3     ICT specialist support was required to embed the data system into the process. This has been purchased but not implemented due to lack of resources (staff availability).


16.4     It was agreed that committee members would visit the children’s centre in their division. The committee would also receive a further broader report on this matter later in the year following on from the planned review.


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