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Business Plan 2018/21

The committee to adopt the Business Plan 2018/21


Wayne Lewis, Head of the Joint Waste Management Team, presented the sixth business plan of the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee (GWJC) constituted between Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold District Council, Forest of Dean District Council, Gloucestershire County Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council.


The GJWC has delegated powers to oversee and make decisions concerning the recycling, waste collection and street cleansing services for the representative four district and borough councils and to deliver waste treatment and disposal for the county council. The agreed framework for the GJWC is an Inter Authority Agreement (IAA), signed in December 2014.


32.1    Wayne Lewis informed the committee that the business plan was a requirement of the IAA to outline key priorities and actions for the three year period 2018 to 2021, including the proposed draft budget 2018/19.


32.2    Referring to the various appendices that supported the report, specific reference was made to the Action Plan detailed at Appendix 3, detailing key projects and work streams. Wayne Lewis advised that the action plan reflected the priorities identified by the members of the GWJC at a workshop held in December 2017.


32.3    Key priorities included: reducing waste and environmental harm; developing a business case for the alignment of services, (the aim of this priority was to create more commonality within the service); working in partnership to deliver a wide range of recycling opportunities for residents wherever possible and; communicating waste reduction and recycling information as widely as possible.


32.4    It was noted that the Joint Waste Team would continue to work with non-partner authorities. This included providing information on the strategic aims of the partnership plus details of projects introduced to meet the principal objective of seeking to align and integrate waste and recycling services across Gloucestershire by the end of 2024.


32.5    The projects will assist in benchmarking performance and reviewing the baseline costs of waste and recycling collection services for the county.


32.6    A number of procurement and contract mobilisation projects continued to be taken forward to ensure ongoing high quality service delivery. The largest contract to be mobilised within this business plan period was the waste to energy facility at Javelin Park. 


32.7    Responding to questions, the Head of the Joint Waste Management Team clarified that the proposed date of March 2019 for completing the communications campaign may be misleading and that the intention would be to publicise activities throughout 2018/19, commencing in April 2018.


32.8    Chairman, Cllr Sue Coakley, informed Cllr Ray Theodoulou, that the Joint Waste Team would be considering options for expanding the collection of green waste and food waste across all partner authorities, not just the Cotswold District. However, now was an opportune time to review and improve the service within the Cotswold District as a new vehicle fleet would be needed soon., The Cotswold service review to consider the feasibility of introducing separate collection vehicles.    


32.9    Committee members welcomed the reaffirmed commitment of reducing the use of plastics and volume of packaging. One area of interest identified during the discussion was the potential for introducing a deposit/return and reward scheme for reducing the use of drinks containers. Recognising the potential merits of the scheme, it was suggested the Joint Waste Team consider this, plus other solutions, as possible options for the future. A visit to observe activities at Swindon Borough Council was also suggested.


32.10  One member requested an update on the new management structure of the Joint Waste Team. The request was noted, with a suggestion that this might be best considered in line with the priorities introduced through the business plan. No changes to the management structure have yet been made, apart from the recent appointment of the Head of the Joint Waste Team.


32.11 Following an intense discussion on the criteria for measuring performance and reviewing targets, it was agreed the matter should be revisited when reviewing the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy in 2019. Whilst a joint waste strategy is no longer a legal requirement, work to consider future ambitions and long term waste management plans in Gloucestershire beyond 2020 remains important and is included within the action plan for 2018-21.


Having considered the report and supporting appendices, the committee accepted the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee Business Plan 2018-2021, including the proposals incorporated within the accompanying action plan at Appendix 3 of the report. The committee agreed that, if required, small elements of detail could be made throughout the year and; 


RESOLVED TO: Adopt the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee Business Plan 2018-2021






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