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Business Plan 2017-2020 - Adoption


49.1     Steve Read, Head of Service Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team, introduced this item which drew on the points and comments raised during the discussion of the draft business plan at the committee’s meeting on 6 December 2016.


49.2     He informed committee members that the Action Plan at Appendix 1 needed to be updated to reflect the fact that the contract with Cory would expire before the commissioning of the Energy to Waste plant at Javelin Park, and this would require alternative arrangements to be put in place to manage the interim period. Mr Read explained that the action plan also needed to reflect that the static compaction units at the household recycling centres would be replaced. Committee members agreed to these changes to the action plan.


49.3     Cllr Jim Mason informed the committee that Tewkesbury Borough Council was of the view that the long term goal section (1.4) needed to be more explicit with regard to the rights of the individual authorities in the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Partnership. He proposed an alternative wording of this section which is set out below with the proposed changes highlighted. This proposal was seconded by Cllr Mark Williams, Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Joint working has resulted in ‘quick wins’ for the partners but more importantly perhaps provides a platform for future savings by understanding the key critical points for efficiencies in the future and planning accordingly. In approving this plan, the partners are in accord that one of the Committee’s principal objectives is to explore all opportunities and establish whether there is a robust business case and clear benefit to each of the partners, of aligning and integrating waste and recycling services across Gloucestershire with a view, subject to the business case and agreement of the partners, of completing alignment and integration by 2024.


In determining the business case, the driving principles will be:

·                    Minimising the amount of waste for disposal through avoidance, reduction, reuse, recycling, digestion and composting

·                    Optimising the whole cost of services to residents

·                    Apportionment of service costs and incentives in a fair and equitable manner.


In pursuit of this goal, and acknowledging the constitutional right of each partner to make its own key decisions, the partners will commit to:

·                    Approaching service design with an open mind

·                    Contributing constructively to the debate

·                    Striving to reach consensus in the interest of the driving principles

·                    Fairly sharing the reasonable costs of the journey.


49.4     Some members of the committee did not feel that this section required amending as the points in respect of the rights of individual authorities were covered elsewhere in the business plan. However there was some sympathy with the point raised by Tewkesbury Borough Council. On being put to the vote (3 votes for, and 4 abstentions) it was agreed that the proposed wording be included in the business plan.


49.5     During the debate it was agreed that it would be helpful to see waste arisings expressed on both a per household and per person basis. It could be that this could highlight differences between the rural and urban environments.


49.6     It was also agreed that an additional action should be included in the action plan with regard to the management of road sweeping residue.


49.7     In conclusion, the committee agreed to adopt the Business Plan 2017 to 2010 subject to the amendments agreed at this meeting.


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