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Application for a Definitive Map Modification Order to Upgrade Public Footpath DLH/9 to a Bridleway May Hill, Parish of Longhope


Andrew Houldey, Asset Data Officer (PROW Definitive Map) gave a detailed presentation to the Committee, aided by a power-point presentation which included photographs of the footpaths under consideration. 


In response to questions from the Committee the following matters were noted:


·         As the footpaths traversed a SSSI, Natural England had been asked for comments on the application but, to date, had not responded.


·         A designation as restricted by-way did not allow access by mechanical vehicles.  Designation as a restricted by-way allowed access by all other members of the public on foot, horseback (or leading a horse), by bicycle or horse and cart.  However there may be private access rights such as allowing local residents access to their homes by motor-vehicle.


·         The footpaths were only shown on the map to the county boundary – on the ground the paths extended into Herefordshire.


Having given due consideration to all the information before it, the Committee




1.            That an order be made to reclassify the section of footpath DLH/9 from Folly Lane to the summit of May Hill to a bridleway  (section A to E on map B).


2.            That an order be made to reclassify the section of footpath DLH/9 from the summit of May Hill north to the boundary with Aston Ingham parish to a restricted by-way  (section A to E on map B).



Supporting documents: