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Gloucestershire Economic Growth Joint Committee - Tuesday 28 July 2020 10.00 am

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Contact: Jo Moore 

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To note any apologies for absence.


Apologies were received from Cllr Tony Dale (Cotswold District Council). Cllr Joe Harris represented Cllr Dale at the meeting.


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To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 3 June 2020 (attached)


The minutes of the meeting held on 3 June 2020 were agreed as a correct record of that meeting.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any pecuniary or personal interests by members.


No declarations of interest were made at the meeting.


Gloucestershire Economic Growth Scrutiny Report (Planning For Economic Recovery) pdf icon PDF 56 KB

The committee to note a report from the Gloucestershire Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee.


Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Kevin Cromwell, to summarise the committee’s comments from a discussion at the scrutiny committee meeting on 2 July 2020 on planning for Gloucestershire’s economic recovery.


Chairman of the Gloucestershire Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Kevin Cromwell, gave an update on the outcomes of the scrutiny committee meeting held on 2 July 2020, including observations on proposals relating to planning for Gloucestershire’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 Emergency.


Seeking clarification on the work of the Joint Committee in relation to the economic recovery process, Cllr Cromwell questioned how the Scrutiny Committee might become involved in supporting the process based on the following questions: -


1)    How involved will the Scrutiny Committee be in the scrutiny process?


2)    How would the Scrutiny Committee be kept informed of the progress of the recovery process?


3)    What contributions could the Scrutiny Committee make to the recovery process?


Responding to the request for clarification, senior officers proposed the following actions: -


4)    The Senior Officer Group to inform the Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee of agreed actions and future developments relating to the recovery process;


5)    Chair of the Joint Committee, (Cllr Patrick Molyneux), and the Chair of the Scrutiny Committee, (Cllr Kevin Cromwell), to provide one another with regular updates on the economic recovery proposals for each committee;


6)    The process of providing update reports at Joint Committee and Scrutiny Committee meetings on the work of the two committees to continue.


It was agreed Cllr Cromwell would consider the committee discussions before making final comments at the end of the meeting.


Planning for the Gloucestershire Economic Recovery Process pdf icon PDF 59 KB

a)    The committee to consider outline economic recovery plans from the GFirst LEP and each of the 7 Gloucestershire local authorities. There will be an opportunity for the committee to put questions to the GFirst LEP and officers from each authority.


Details of the plans will be published with the agenda (to follow).


b)    Following consideration of the strategic priorities and collaborative working emerging from the economic recovery plans, Lisa McCance, (Programme Director at Shared Intelligence), to present an overview of the opportunities and challenges identified from the analysis. (Shared Intelligence provide support to Gloucestershire County Council and the 6 District Councils to produce Infrastructure Delivery Plans and in the development of Local Plans).


c)    Committee members will be invited to respond.

Additional documents:


At the Gloucestershire Economic Growth Joint Committee meeting on 3 June 2020, the committee considered the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency and suggested approaches to planning for the economic recovery of Gloucestershire.


Acknowledging the broad range of issues transpiring from the emergency, it was agreed that the economic recovery process was unlikely to be straightforward and currently shaped into multiple layers. Partners across the county had been considering individual recovery plans in an attempt to understand local challenges and opportunities from which to rebuild the Gloucestershire economy.


The emerging network of strategies and activity plans would need to be well coordinated and clearly identify spatial strengths and weaknesses from which to produce a common set of ‘recovery principles’ for the county to refer to using a collaborative approach.


It was suggested a key function of Economic Growth Joint Committee would be to undertake a strategic role in merging the combined activities of the GFirst LEP and the 7 district and borough authorities representing Gloucestershire. The committee recognised that contributions from parish councils and other partner organisations would be pivotal to recovery.


The recovery process would be undertaken in 3 stages, short-term, (to address the initial impact of the crisis), medium-term, (a potentially lengthy period of transition, supported by existing initiatives), and long-term, (adopting a ‘business as usual’ approach to develop a stable economy going forward).


In a detailed presentation, GFirst reported that the LEP would be concentrating on developing an overarching recovery strategy from which to establish a long-term, resilient economy. This would be developed in coordination with partners across the public, private and third sectors.


In summary, the outcomes from the meeting on 3 June 2020, was for the Senior Officer Group, (the group set up to support the committee), to note the views of members, including any areas of concern, and produce a paper for consideration as a single discussion item at an additional economic recovery meeting. This would form the platform for the discussion going forward.


On seeking the overall direction of the committee, it was agreed that the GEGJC would act as the ‘in principle’ coordinating body to collaborate the work for the recovery planning process. The ‘in principle’ decision would be subject to further discussions at future meetings. In the meantime, the LEP and 7 local authorities were asked to develop their organisational plans for recovery for sharing at the additional meeting in July.


a)    Recovery Plans


At today’s meeting, (28 July 2020), the committee considered the economic recovery plans and proposals presented by GFirst LEP and each of the 7 Gloucestershire local authorities, including Gloucestershire County Council (GCC).


Prior to the discussion, Mike Dawson, (Chair of the Senior Officer Group SOG), reiterated the collective view that the recovery process was still in it’s infancy with no clear indication of what the county might be recovering from.


Thanking officers for sharing their local recovery plans, the Chair suggested that the meeting was a good starting point from which to commence the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Taking the Gloucestershire Economic Recovery Process Forward

To consider the next stage in progressing the economic recovery process for Gloucestershire.


The following actions were suggested as initial steps in taking the recovery process forward in the Gloucestershire economic recovery process: -


1)    A combined message, issued as a joint press release to be produced, (signed by the leaders from each authority and Gfirst to demonstrate the joint working approach to be taken in planning for the economic recovery of Gloucestershire). A draft version of the statement to be circulated to the committee seeking agreement. Action by - Mike Dawson (SOG)/Jo Moore


2)    It was suggested liaison with the GCC Communication Team would be necessary to facilitate the arrangements for issuing the joint press release by each authority. Action by - Mike Dawson (SOG)/Jo Moore/Adam Barnes


3)    Planning Legislation – a briefing paper to be produced by the Senior Officer Group (SOG). The SOG to consider new planning regulations and any barriers to development for consideration by the committee at the September Joint Committee meeting. Action by – Mike Dawson (SOG)


4)    The Senior Officer Group to consider the GFirst/local authority recovery plans and the information presented by Lisa McCance from Shared Intelligence. A paper on short term activities and possible quick wins to be produced for consideration at the September committee meeting. Emphasis was placed on avoiding the possible duplication of work by partner authorities. Action by – Mike Dawson (SOG)


5)    The ongoing recovery work to focus on 1) Communication  2) Collaboration 3) Creating Confidence  (the 3 C’s).


Future meetings

The committee to consider items for discussion at future meetings.


16 September 2020


18 November 2020