Agenda and minutes

Gloucestershire Economic Growth Joint Committee - Friday 12 September 2014 11.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber - Shire Hall, Gloucester. View directions

Contact: Jane Cleaver 

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To note the following membership of the Gloucestershire Economic Growth Joint Committee for the year 2014/2015.


GCC               Cllr Mark Hawthorne

Cheltenham Cllr Steve Jordan

Cotswold       Cllr Christopher Hancock


FOD                            Cllr Patrick Molyneux


Stroud                        Cllr Geoff Wheeler


Gloucester    Cllr Paul James

Tewkesbury  Cllr Rob Vines

LEP Representatives (Two)







The membership of the Committee for the year 2014/2015 was noted.

 Adam Starkey and Neil Ricketts represented the LEP at this meeting.


Election of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

To elect a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for the remainder of the civic year.



a)        Cllr Mark Hawthorne (GCC) was elected Chairman for the remainder of the civic year.


b)        Cllr Steve Jordan (Cheltenham Borough Council) was elected Vice-Chairman for the remainder of the civic year.



Governance Arrangements

To note that the Inter Authority Agreement establishing the Joint Committee was signed and sealed on Thursday, 4 September 2014.


To receive an update on arrangements for the establishment of a Joint Scrutiny Committee.



Having noted that the Inter Authority Agreement formally establishing the Committee had been signed and sealed on 4 September 2014, the Committee recorded their thanks for the work undertaken by officers from all constituent authorities in preparing this agreement.


The Committee was informed that the County Council had formally established a Joint Scrutiny Committee for this area of work at its meeting on 4 June 2014, appointing Cllr Colin Hay as the Chairperson.



LEP Update pdf icon PDF 69 KB

To receive feedback on progress with the:


a)        Growth Deal delivery arrangements and ongoing discussions with Government.


b)        Objectives and timeframe for proceeding into Round 2 of the Growth Deal negotiations.


c)         Formation of the Community Interest Company.


d)        Development of the Skills Board.

Additional documents:


Pete Carr, Chief Executive, LEP, updated the Committee on progress in the following areas:


a)        Growth Deal delivery arrangements – The focus was currently on making sure that all projects would be ready to start when funding was released in April 2015.  Discussions continued with the relevant Government offices to agree suitable monitoring arrangements.


b)        Round 2 – Growth Deal – Since the timescale for bids for this was very short (business cases were likely to be required by the end of November 2014) it was unlikely that any new projects would be submitted.  It was hoped that bids based on extensions of current projects could be made.


            Members noted that Flood alleviation projects would meet many of the requirements for successful bids.


c)         Formation of the Community Interest Company – Although progress had been slower than initially expected, this was likely to be finalised in the near future.


d)        Development of the Skills Board – This Board had had its first meeting, which had gone well.  The Committee requested that the next update report should outline the progress made to date, and the indicative work-programme.


Joint Committee Work Programme pdf icon PDF 44 KB

To consider the following matters and to agree the next steps:


a)        Growth Deal Indicative Work Programme – An Initial Overview.


b)        Joint Committee Funding Policy – Proposed Use of the Strategic Economic Development Fund.


c)         Joint Committee Programme Manager – Job Profile.


d)        Associated Planning and Infrastructure Issues – Proposed Co-ordination Mechanism. (Report to follow)


e)        Broadband – Briefing on Fastershire  (Report to follow).

Additional documents:



Consideration was given by Members to the following matters:


a)        Growth Deal Indicative Work Programme – It was agreed that although containing useful information, future reports of this regular item should combine this work programme with the LEP’s work programme, highlighting the desired outcome for each project and progress made.  This document could then be considered by both the Committee and the LEP Board.  Members requested that a presentation on the ‘Growth Hub’ project be made to the Committee’s meeting in December.


b)        Joint Committee Funding Policy – Members agreed that the important issue was to ensure sufficient funds were available within the Pool to support county-wide projects.  However, the Committee noted that the recent finding by the Valuation Tribunal in the Tewkesbury area could have an effect on the levels achieved within the Business Rates Pool, and could also be a risk elsewhere in the county.  It was therefore felt prudent at this time for the pooled element to remain at 20%.


            Having noted the information within the report and the observations made at the meeting, the Committee


            Resolved to:

·         Adopt the overall priority order for use of the SEDF, as set out in paragraph 4 of the report;

·         Invite all 7 constituent Councils to review the SEP work programme and identify any resource gaps that they anticipate, particularly where they expect to ask for a contribution from the SEDF;

·         Establish a spending plan for the SEDF (13/14 & 14/15) for review at the next meeting.

·         Invite each member district council to consider establishing a Local Economic Development Fund (LEDF) using all or part of the 80% distributed Business Rate Pool surplus and that each LEDF, where established, is used at the discretion of the member council to support economic growth which benefits its area.


c)         Joint Committee Programme Manager – Progress with this appointment was noted.  Since the results of Job evaluation were not yet available, the Committee asked that the final grading of the post be developed by Mike Dawson and Nigel Riglar with input from Cllrs Hawthorne, Jordan and Wheeler.


d)        Associated Planning and Infrastructure Issues – Consideration was given to the underlying support mechanisms to feed into the Joint Committee in the future.


            During this discussion the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) Authorities (Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester) raised concerns that the current approach could result in 4 unrelated Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)s (i.e. covering JCS, Forest, Stroud and Cotswold) and in particular the need to develop a mechanism for identifying and funding cross CiL boundary infrastructure. It was agreed that this topic should be considered as soon as possible and that this highlighted the need for the proposed re-structure of the County Strategic Planning Issues Group (CSPIG) to take place as soon as possible.


            The Committee therefore agreed that action should be taken to adjust the mechanisms as proposed, with the aim of CSPIG assuming its new form by November.  Cllr Jordan accepted the role of co-ordinator for this area.  On this basis the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Joint Committee & LEP Common Issues pdf icon PDF 53 KB

To consider future areas for discussion:


a)         Lead Roles in terms of Work Programming


b)         Development Sessions follow-up and Growth Deal Round 2 project






Additional documents:



a)        Lead Roles in terms of Work Planning – Having noted the information provided by Mike Dawson and contained in the report, Members accepted the need for consistent messages to be given by all constituent bodies.


b)        Development Sessions Follow-up – The proposal for a follow-up session to be held in the autumn was accepted.


Accountable Body Update

To receive feedback on the activities of the Accountable Body, including:


a)         Growth Deal Project Delivery Accountable Body Awareness Sessions


b)         Gloucestershire Infrastructure Investment Fund



The Committee noted that guidance from central government on the role of the Accountable body had not yet been received.  This had meant that although it had been possible to make a start on some areas of work, it would not be possible for a clear outline of expectations to be prepared until the guidance had been published.


Having received a short briefing on the Gloucestershire Infrastructure Investment Fund (GLIIF), the Committee requested a more detailed report to be presented to its next meeting.



Date of Next Meeting

To note that the next meeting is arranged for Friday, 5 December at 10am, at the Shire hall, Gloucester.


The Committee’s next meeting date of Friday, 5 December at 10am was noted.


The following dates were agreed for meetings in 2015:


Wednesday, 18 March

Wednesday, 3 June

Wednesday, 9 September

Wednesday, 9 December