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Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee - Tuesday 9 October 2018 10.00 am

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Minutes of the previous meeting - pdf icon PDF 98 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 19 June 2018 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairperson.


Residual Waste Treatment and Waste Transfer Update pdf icon PDF 134 KB


57.1     Wayne Lewis, Head of the Joint Waste Team, presented the report. He informed the committee that tenders had been received for the residual waste transfer to Javelin Park, and were in the process of being evaluated, but not yet at the position for award.


57.2     He also explained that the county council was proposing that a tipping away policy be developed and that this proposal would be considered at the council’s Cabinet meeting on 10 October 2018.


57.3     A question was asked with regard to electricity generation at Javelin Park. However it was explained that Commercial Services were managing this process, not the Joint Waste Team, and that information would be sought from that team.

ACTION:        Wayne Lewis


57.4     Information on the quantity and type of emissions when Javelin Park was at full capacity was requested.

ACTION:        Wayne Lewis


57.5     The committee agreed to note: -

·       the progress on the construction of the EfW facility;

·       the progress on the procurement of waste transfer;

·       notes that a tipping away policy is, subject to a county council cabinet resolution, to be issued for consultation; and,

·       the progress on the evaluation of waste delivery options for Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) and Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC) to deliver residual waste to Javelin Park.



Cotswold District Council (CDC) Service Review Update pdf icon PDF 151 KB

Additional documents:


58.1     Claire Locke, Group Manager Council Advisory Services Cotswold District Council (CDC), and Scott Williams, Contracts Manager Collection and Street Scene East Joint Waste Team, gave a detailed presentation of the work involved in the waste and recycling service review at CDC. (The presentation slides were uploaded to the council website and included in the minute book.)


58.2     The committee congratulated the team on the excellent research undertaken to support the service review. Members engaged in a detailed discussion of the review, particularly the learning points, and future proofing aspects.


58.3     Members questioned whether all district councils should consider making arrangements for seasonal collection of green waste. It was felt that there was an appetite for this although it could be challenging given that the subscription would remain the same for the year. It was noted that this approach was already undertaken in Stroud District. It was also important to consider whether this would have a negative impact on the residual waste stream.


58.4     It was noted that a particular challenge for CDC was the distance needed for travel to service the North of the district. The review had considered whether it would be viable to build a satellite depot however the evaluation had demonstrated that the site would likely cost more than it would save.


58.5     It was suggested that it would be beneficial if future reviews reflected climate change targets. It was also felt that it was timely to consider electrifying the fleet in the longer term. It was noted that the annual recycling carbon index indicated that Gloucestershire was in the top 5. It was agreed that this report should be sent to committee members.

ACTION:        Wayne Lewis


58.6     Members agreed that although it was good to see an increase in recycling, the overarching message remained to reduce, reuse and then recycle.


Management Accounts Final Outturn 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 156 KB


59.1     Wayne Lewis, Head of the Joint Waste Team, presented the report. In response to a question regarding staffing vacancies he informed the committee that he would be looking to boost capacity over the coming months. However one of the factors to be considered was that historically the county council had funded these posts, and whether going forward these should be shared posts; was it time to do a wider review?


59.2     It was commented that it would be important to understand whether the partnership was operating equitably.


59.3     The committee agreed to note the financial performance as contained in this report.



Recycling Markets and End Destinations pdf icon PDF 622 KB


60.1     The committee held a detailed discussion on the Charter. All committee members agreed that we should do everything we could to make it as easy as possible to make recycling information available to the public. There was however no clear agreement across all partnership members to sign up to the Charter. It was felt that there was insufficient information on the provenance of the organisation, and that it would be better to consider this matter again with more information.


60.2     The committee noted the update on the recycling commodities market.


Household Recycling Centres Efficiency Savings pdf icon PDF 93 KB


61.1     Roger Smith, Contracts Manager (HRCs, Recycling and Disposal), gave a detailed presentation of the report.


61.2     There was some disquiet with the identified alternative location for when a HRC would be closed in that there would be some distance to travel. It was noted that the Swindon Road, Cheltenham site was not included in these changes. The Joint Waste Team and Cheltenham Borough Council agreed to discuss options for the future.


61.3     In response to questions it was explained that employee contractual issues would be managed by Ubico as the employer.


61.4     It was commented that there had not been any consultation with Stroud District Council on this matter.


61.5     Members were concerned that these changes would increase the potential for fly-tipping and requested that this situation be closely monitored.



Management Accounts Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 232 KB


The committee noted the financial performance as contained in the report.



Quarter 2 Performance Monitoring pdf icon PDF 165 KB


The committee was informed that there had been a modest increase in recycling rates this year. It was of concern that residual waste arisings had increased earlier this year; this could have been as a result if the poor weather. This area has now recovered.



Quarter 2 Action Plan and Risks Update pdf icon PDF 123 KB

Additional documents:


64.1     The committee: -

·       noted the progress of the current (2018/21) action plan;

·       noted the inclusion of a new action at 3.11 of the action plan (re-procurement of HRC wood contracts);

·       agreed the revised target completion dates for actions 4.4 and 4.12; and,

·       noted the high level risks and proposed mitigation measures set out in section 4 of this report.


64.2     The committee also received verbal updates from co-opted members of the committee Stroud District Council and Gloucester City Council.