Agenda and minutes

Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee - Tuesday 21 June 2016 10.00 am

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Election of Chairperson

To elect a Chairperson for the civic year.


Cllr Sue Coakley was elected Chair for the civic year 2016/17.


Election of Vice Chairperson

To elect a Vice Chairperson for the civic year.


Cllr Brian Robinson was elected Vice Chair for the civic year 2016/17.


Cllr Coakley thanked Cllr Jim Mason for his leadership of the Board following his election as Chairman in December 2014.


Cllr Chris Coleman questioned the time period that each authority has Chaired the committee in relation to their time in the partnership. It was explained that at the meetings in July and October 2014 a Chairman was elected for that meeting only. In December 2014 Cllr Jim Mason (Tewkesbury Borough Council) was elected Chairman. This was also when Tewkesbury Council joined the partnership.

(Post meeting note: This was due to the expectation that Tewkesbury Borough Council would be joining the partnership in late 2014; and that a new constitution would be approved at that time, effectively dissolving the original Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee.)


Declarations of interest

Please see note (a) at the end of the agenda.


No declarations of interest were received.


Minutes of the previous meeting - 23 February 2016 pdf icon PDF 81 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 23 February 2016 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.


Public Questions

To answer any written or oral questions about matters which are within the powers and duties of the committee.


The closing date/time for receipt of written questions is 6.00pm on 15 June 2016  (three clear working days before date of the meeting). Please send questions to the Democratic Services Unit, marked for the attention of Andrea Clarke (email: 


An oral question may be asked by a member of the public if notice of the question is given by the questioner to Democratic Services at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.


Depending on the nature of the questions asked it may not be possible to provide a comprehensive answer at the meeting, in which case a written answer will be supplied as soon as reasonably possible after the meeting.



No public questions were received.


Member Questions

To answer any written members’ questions about matters which are within the powers and duties of the committee. The closing date/time for the receipt of questions is 6.00pm on  15 June 2016 (three clear working days before the date of the meeting). Please send questions to the Democratic Services Unit marked for the attention of Andrea Clarke (email:


No members’ questions were received.



Towards a Route Map for Integrated Service Delivery pdf icon PDF 103 KB

Additional documents:


Steve Read, Head of Service Joint Waste Team, presented this report. He explained that it was intended that the discussion on the future direction of this matter would need to come back to a future meeting. The purpose of receiving this report today was to ask members to highlight any particular issues that they felt should be included for further consideration. The paper would be the starting point for discussion at a proposed series of one to one meetings with partners over the summer. The Head of Waste and the Chair of the committee would facilitate these meetings. 


It was noted that in most partnerships everyone worked toward a common delivery programme, but that in the waste environment this was particularly challenging. This was a dynamic area and also as a public facing service there were public expectations to manage (which have been developed over time). It was agreed that a significant issue was the lack of a clear policy direction from central government.


The committee was informed that at a recent meeting with Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) the matter of policy direction was discussed. It was noted that there were moves to do more with regard to recycling; and that the Environment Minister was keen on consistency in collection. A paper from WRAP was expected in the coming weeks which might help clarify how the government viewed this. The Head of Service thought it likely that the paper would particularly emphasise opportunities for more consistency in the range of materials collected by local authorities.


There was recognition across the committee that although working toward further integration was a good thing; there should also be a degree of local discretion and decision making, and that there were strong reasons for customer services elements to remain with the district councils.


It was noted that the current contract position meant that the earliest that a general alignment of services could happen was 2022, with Forest of Dean in 2024. It was noted that some investment decisions being made now by partners could result in vehicles lasting longer than this – to 2027. It was agreed that the ongoing review of services taking place in some district council areas should not preclude the partnership from planning the way forward. It was commented that it would be helpful if no new contracts were entered into during this time; and also that it could be helpful to understand the cost to the authorities of breaking contracts.


In conclusion the committee agreed: -

Ø  To note the contents of the paper and proposed next steps.

Ø  That the paper be used as the basis for a series of 1:1 meetings between key members and officers from each partner and the Chair of the GJWC,

Ø  To receive and discuss feedback from this process at an informal meeting of committee members during the Autumn 2016.



Household Recycling Centre Contract

The committee to receive a verbal update.


Tony Childs, Joint Waste Team, updated the committee on the current position, and assured members that although there was a lot to do everything was on track for the Ubico contract to commence on 7 August 2016.


There was a concern that this transition phase could impact negatively on the service provided to district councils. The committee was informed that officers have discussed capacity management with Ubico and that they were confident that Ubico have the right people in place to deliver on contract requirements. It was also noted that Ubico have appointed an experienced Manager to oversee the transition process.


Committee members agreed that it was important to continue to encourage members of the public to recycle more and it was questioned whether it was helpful to have residual waste bins at HRCs; was this promoting the right message? It was explained that there was a legal obligation to collect residual waste and the HRCs therefore did require these bins. However there would be continued activity, including bag splitting exercises, to encourage and inform about what materials could and should be recycled. All members agreed that it was important to ensure that positive messages were promoted with regard to HRCs, particularly that they were recycling centres not ‘tips’.


It was agreed that a representative from Ubico be invited to a future meeting to discuss these matters with the committee.



Management Account 2015/16 Provisional Outturn and Budget 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 150 KB


Rachel Capon, Waste Management Team, presented this report and highlighted the financial picture across all seven councils.


Members were interested to note that collection costs in Tewkesbury Borough were the lowest across the county and questioned why this was so. The background to this position was explained; it was anticipated that there would be an increase in costs in the 2017/18 budget when a new Materials Recycling Facility contract was procured.


The committee agreed to note the summary financial performance as contained in the report; and also noted the approved 2016/17 revenue budget.



Performance Monitoring pdf icon PDF 147 KB

Additional documents:


Tony Childs, Joint Waste Team, presented this report. The committee also received a presentation outlining the key aspects of current performance and trends (for information the presentation slides were uploaded to the council’s website and included in the minute book).


The committee noted this report.




Service/Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 54 KB

To include individual updates from Gloucester City and Stroud.

Additional documents:


Scott Williams, Joint Waste Team, presented this report. Committee members welcomed the activity by Cotswold District and Forest of Dean District Councils with regard to fly tipping. It was agreed that fly tipping was a serious blight on the landscape and should be robustly managed. It was agreed that it could be helpful for this matter to be a future agenda item.


Cllr McClosky asked whether progress had been made on recycling plastic collected with food waste.  Tony Childs explained that Andigestion were still exploring the market for recycling the plastic. The overall  composition of bags used had been changing as people had finished using up bio-bags but the imposition of carrier bag charges had also had an effect.


It was also agreed that a briefing on the market place for recyclates be shared with committee members and the Joint Waste Team agreed to take this forward as an action.


The committee noted the report.