Agenda and minutes

Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee - Tuesday 23 February 2016 2.00 pm

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Declarations of Interest

Please see note (a) at the end of the agenda.


Agenda Item 5 Household Recycling Options - Cllr Steve Jordan declared a personal and pecuniary interest as a shareholder in Ubico Ltd.


Minutes of the previous meeting - 15 December 2015 pdf icon PDF 81 KB

To note and agree the minutes from the committee meeting on 15 December 2015.


The minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2015 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Business Plan Adoption pdf icon PDF 456 KB

To adopt the Business Plan 2016/2019.

Additional documents:


Steve Read, Head of Service Joint Waste Team, presented this draft business plan. It was acknowledged that issues previously raised, by Cllr Steve Jordan, had been included in this draft of the business plan but not in the associated action plan. This would be rectified in the final version.


Committee members engaged in a robust debate about the inclusion, or not, of holiday lets in the priorities for 2016/17. It was acknowledged that there was a fine line between waste from holiday lets falling with the commercial waste stream as opposed to the municipal waste stream. Having explored the reasons for inclusion and the potential benefit to be gained in terms of changing waste behaviour it was agreed that holiday lets should remain in the priority list.


There was a shared concern with regard to fly tipping in that having previously seen this reduce it was again on the increase. It was noted that Cheltenham Borough Council had undertaken prosecutions and it was hoped that this type of action would act as a deterrent.


In some areas in the county it was not possible for residents to utilise garden bins and it was agreed that it would be helpful if a suitable alternative that met technical requirements could be identified. Members felt that this was the type of issue that would have higher priority for JWT officers if Stroud were members of the partnership contributing to the work plan. 


In response to questions the committee was updated on progress relating to the restructure of the Joint Waste Team, and the status of the Javelin Park Energy from Waste facility.


Stroud District Council explained that it could not consider joining the partnership until it had a clear understanding of the savings that would be achieved by doing so. This information had previously been requested but had not yet been received. In response it was explained that it was not possible to produce figures as requested without further information, and that there were wider benefits of joining relating to access to expertise and resilience. However, the Joint Waste Team were happy to discuss with SDC the savings that had been made by the (full member) authorities on the committee. The committee was informed that Gloucester City Council held the same position as Stroud District Council.


Specific changes requested to the wording of this draft were noted by the Head of Service, Joint Waste Team, and would be included within the final document.


In conclusion, subject to the amendments requested by members, the committee agreed to adopt the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee Business Plan 2016-19.





Household Recycling Centres (HRC) Contract Options

To update members on the status of the HRC contract extension.


Tony Childs, Joint Waste Team, reminded the committee that the county council had agreed with this committee to negotiate an extension to the current contract with Kier Environmental Services. However Kier have now withdrawn their original offer.


Therefore the committee and the county council had to reconsider the way forward. A formal procurement process on the open market could be undertaken; but there was also the opportunity to provide the service through Ubico Ltd. Ubico had responded favourably to an exploratory approach. The committee was informed that current legal advice was that a contract could be let to Ubico Ltd without the need to go through a formal (open market) tendering process; and that it was thought that this contract could be in place within the required timeframe (August 2016).


The committee agreed that the best option was to proceed with negotiations with Ubico Ltd. There was some concern as to whether Ubico Ltd had the capacity to take up this contract. The committee was assured that this factor would be addressed within any contract negotiation process.


Members agreed that as the decision was for the county council it was important that this committee did not delay the process.


Following a detailed discussion the committee agreed that in order that this process was not delayed the Chairman and Vice Chairman would be kept informed of progress and final decision; and that a report be received at the next appropriate meeting of this committee.


Food Waste Initiative - Final Report pdf icon PDF 232 KB

The committee to receive a report on the outcome of the food waste initiative.


Andy Pritchard, Joint Waste Team, gave a full presentation of this report. The committee was pleased to note that the project had delivered on its primary measure of success (tonnage of food waste collected for recycling) such that the data was demonstrating an increase of over 20% in food waste capture following the initiative. There has also been a positive knock on effect on other waste streams.


The committee was pleased to note the positive impact on recycling behaviour across the county; and thanked the county council for underwriting this project. It would be important to take forward the learning points from this project, in particular relating to communications with the public and staff.


The committee therefore agreed: -

a) To note the improvements in food waste capture following the initiative.

b) To support the continued promotion and monitoring of food waste recycling and, where the opportunity or need arose, received and considered proposals for further activities and initiatives to increase food waste recycling.

c) To support the monitoring of all waste data in order to determine whether this project has had a knock-on effect to the levels of capture of other recyclable materials.



Courtauld 2025 Briefing pdf icon PDF 2 MB

The committee to receive a presentation outlining the objectives of Courtauld 2025 and associated issues.


The Head of Service Joint Waste Team, gave a presentation on this initiative detailing the context and ambition, and which organisations and local authorities that had already signed up. The presentation also updated the committee on the current position relating to plastics packaging recycling. (The presentation slides were included in the minute book and uploaded to the council’s website.)


Committee members agreed that this initiative presented an exciting opportunity. The current situation with regard to plastics was, however, disappointing.  It was suggested that it would be important to engage with consumers on this issue, and encourage them to purchase goods packaged in plastic bottles that included recycled material. 


It was also agreed that it would be important to reinforce the message to the public not to buy food that you won’t eat; this is wasteful both economically and to the environment. 


It was agreed that the committee should engage with the LGA and local authorities that had signed up to Courtauld 2025 to encourage them to lobby supermarkets to use packaging made of recycled material. Most product life cycle studies indicate it was better in carbon terms to recycle plastic than to recover energy from it. It was agreed it would be helpful if the Head of Service Joint Waste Team could provide a briefing note to explain the importance of plastics recycling. 


It was also suggested that the committee ask an expert on the economics of plastic to attend a future committee meeting to inform committee members. The Joint Waste Team would take this forward.




Management Accounts Monitoring Report 2015/16 and Draft Revenue Budget 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 166 KB

To consider the attached report which sets out the financial performance of the individual authorities within the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee against their approved annual budget for the first nine months of the current financial year.


Rachel Capon, Joint Waste Team, gave a full presentation of this report, and highlighted that the net aggregated position across the partners was a forecast underspend of £89,000.


The committee agreed to: -

a) Note the summary financial performance to date as contained in the report, and

b) Note the indicative draft 2016/17 Revenue Budget, but also that this was likely to change as partner budgets were firmed up.


Gloucester City Membership

To give an update on discussions regarding membership of the committee.


Lloyd Griffiths, Gloucester City Council, read out a statement on behalf of Cllr Jim Porter, Cabinet Member for Environment Gloucester City Council: -

‘Whilst we value the ongoing assistance and support provided by both the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee and the Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team during our service review, our decision around joining the committee we feel, cannot be considered in full until the review has been concluded. This is a significant piece of work for our Council and we must concentrate all efforts on it and fully utilise the Environmental Projects Team at our disposal as and when required. We recognise that with the level of joint working having increased between our teams, this has led to gains for both of our organisations and I am very supportive of these relationships developing. This will allow us to look at making a firm decision on whether we join the Joint Waste Committee in mid-2017 following a new service having been implemented.’


The committee expressed disappointment that Gloucester City Council would not commit to becoming full members of the committee at this time.


Service/Action Plan Update pdf icon PDF 46 KB

To provide an opportunity for any questions arising from a report on progress with the committee’s current action plan and to receive verbal updates from co-opted partners.

Additional documents:


In addition to the written report from Stroud District Council, Cllr Simon Pickering informed the committee that with regard to food waste there were some independent initiatives currently in place in Stroud. These included the Stroud Food Surplus Café which provided food that had been diverted from the waste bin.


The committee agreed to note the service reports and action plan.