Agenda and minutes

Gloucestershire Joint Waste Committee - Tuesday 15 December 2015 2.00 pm

Venue: Cabinet Suite - Shire Hall, Gloucester. View directions

Contact: Jane Cleaver 

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Declarations of Interest


To note any declarations of interest.




No declarations of interest were made.



Minutes pdf icon PDF 90 KB


To approve the minutes from the Committee meeting on 13 October 2015 (minutes attached).






That the minutes of the meeting held on 13 October 2015 be approved as a correct record.



Members Workshop 19th November 2015 pdf icon PDF 70 KB


To receive feedback from the Members Workshop held on 19th November 2015.




All agreed that the informal workshop held on 19 November 2015 had been a useful forum for the sharing of ideas and potential methods of working in the future.  A short note on the outcomes from the workshop was tabled at the meeting.



Draft Business Plan 2016-19 pdf icon PDF 430 KB


To seek feedback on the Committee’s draft Business Plan, prior to final adoption at the Committee’s meeting on 23 February 2016.




The Committee’s Draft Business Plan for 2016-19 was introduced by Steve Read, Head of Service.


Members were reminded that this was an evolving document with further amendments expected to take place before the Committee’s formal adoption of the Plan was sought at the meeting in February 2016.  Anticipated amendments included confirmation of the EU target for the percentage of waste recycled by 2025 (expected to be 65%) and the implications of the recently received invitation from WRAP for Local Authorities to become signatories of the Courtauld 2025 Commitment.  It was hoped that more information on this significant step would be available by the next meeting.


On a more local level, the Committee was pleased to receive an update on recent discussions with Gloucester City Council who had indicated that they would be giving further consideration to joining the Committee in 2016.


The Committee asked that there be a clear message with regards to opportunities to recycle textiles that, in the first instance re-use of quality clothes (by donations to charity shops etc) was the best option.  Textile recycling was for materials which had reached the end of their current usefulness.


Some concerns were raised over whether the limited resources available affected the Joint Waste Team’s ability to deliver the current Business Plan.  Although accepting that the Plan should include some challenges, some members felt that the inclusion of projects which could not realistically be undertaken within the resources available was counter-productive.


As it was clear that there would be a major effect on the Committee’s future level of resourcing once the initial grant funding had been used up, it was agreed that it would be prudent to prepare proposals in the next financial year for member authorities to consider during their budget preparations for 2017/18.




That the draft business plan for 2016-19 be noted, and that feedback given at the meeting be incorporated within the finalised document to be considered at the Committee’s next meeting.


Forest of Dean District Council - Service Redesign


To receive an update on progress on the Forest of Dean District Council’s Service Redesign.




The Committee noted that the recommendations on the service redesign made at the last meeting had been accepted in full by the Forest of Dean District Council.


Cllr Smart thanked the staff in the Joint Waste Team (in particular Rachel Capon) and the Committee for their help and support for this major project.


Food Waste Initiative


To receive an update report on the Food Waste Initiative.




Andy Pritchard, from the Joint Waste Team updated the Committee on the results of the Food Waste Initiative.


As illustrated by a graph circulated at the meeting, since the start of the Initiative in September, collections of food waste had increased by 20%, and more importantly, this increased level had been maintained for the three months to the beginning of December.  It was agreed that the success of this Initiative should be publicised as widely as possible.


Members also noted that publicity campaigns were to be run over the Christmas holiday period which would ask people to reduce or prevent food waste by only buying the required amounts and by the sensible use of left-overs.




That the report be noted.


Tewkesbury Borough Council - Service Review pdf icon PDF 230 KB


To consider the attached report which details the optimum waste and recycling service model and the vehicles required to support this model for Tewkesbury Borough Council from 2017 to 2024.




Consideration was given to a report which detailed the outcome of Phase 1 of the Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Waste Service Review.


Some Members expressed concern that an opportunity appeared to have been lost to align the service model in the Tewkesbury area with the adjoining partner authorities, but there was general appreciation that the financial pressures faced by the District Council (exacerbated by the probability of higher MRF gate fees) would play a large part in the decision.


It was noted that there was some resource sharing already between Tewkesbury and Cheltenham Borough Councils and that there still could be opportunities to further align comparative service elements (eg refuse collection, garden waste, food waste) in the future if a common vehicle specification was adopted.


The recommendation to collect food separately which allowed standard (non-podded) Refuse Collection Vehicles was welcomed as these could be used interchangeably by Ubico in other areas and potentially for cross-boundary rounds where other partners adopted similar configurations.


It was not proposed to undertake public consultation on this proposal as there would be no significant change from a service user perspective.


Officers explained that the risk of being deemed by the Environment Agency to be outside of compliance with the Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2011 was higher than for kerbside sort but that this was mitigated by the fact that Tewkesbury Borough Council were already operating a co-mingled service. Evaluating the factors outlined in section 5.3 of the report had led to the conclusion there would likely be a slight reduction in volume of recyclables collected and an appreciable extra cost to both the Borough Council and the County Council as disposal authority in moving to kerbside sort.




That the proposed outcome of phase 1 of the Tewkesbury Borough Council Waste Service Review to continue to collect comingled dry recyclable materials be endorsed, and that the Committee’s views as detailed in the preamble of this minute be forwarded to the Borough Council.


Management Accounts Monitoring Report 2015/16 and draft Revenue budget 2016/17 pdf icon PDF 150 KB


To consider the attached report which sets out the financial performance of the individual authorities within the Joint Waste Committee against their approved annual budget for the first seven months of the current financial year.  It also shows the combined position across all authorities, and provides an indicative draft 2016/17 Revenue Budget for the whole partnership.




Tony Childs, Joint Waste Team, presented the report on the financial performance to date.


Confirmation was given that the price received for recyclates was ‘locked-in’ whenever it was advantageous and possible to do so.






a)    the summary financial performance to date as contained in the report is noted, and

b)    the indicative draft 2016/17 Revenue Budget is noted, but also that this is likely to change as partner budgets are firmed up.


Service Updates pdf icon PDF 114 KB


To receive Service Updates on


a.    Joint Waste Committee Progress report (attached)


b.    Gloucester City


c.    Stroud





The written report outlining progress made with regard to the Joint Waste Committee’s Action Plan for 2015/16 was noted.


Gloucester City service update focused on the success achieved by the intervention strategy being followed in areas where the recycling rate was particularly low.  Work had been completed within 3 areas of the city and the increase in recycling had been maintained over a 3 month period, with a consequential lowering of residential waste amounts.  The area currently in progress was already showing a 20% drop in residential waste.  It was hoped that on the completion of this project (there were 3 areas of the city still to be covered), a significant and lasting effect on the rate of recycling would have been achieved.


Stroud District Council’s representative reported as follows:


Previously a free collection service had been offered for bulky waste items. However charges (£15 for 3 items + £5 for each item thereafter) were introduced on 14th September 2015 which unfortunately had resulted in requests for collections reduced to 25% of the level previously. There had also been some signs of a slight increase in fly-tipping which was being monitored.


Residents were now able to subscribe for a chargeable (£36 pa + £20 bin purchase) collection service for garden waste to commence in February 2016. Bins were now in stock with delivery to commence on 7th December 2015.


Food waste collections were to be introduced in November 2016. The Focus Group had chosen a 23 litre silver food waste bin and a 7 litre silver food caddy.  Alternate weekly collections would also be introduced in November 2016 along with provision of a 140 litre wheeled bin for this residual waste. Limited bag collections would continue for those households unable to have a wheeled bin because of accessibility.


The new contractor, Ubico, would commence when the current contract with Veolia comes to an end on 1st July 2016 although Ubico would be providing the garden waste service starting in February 2016.


The site for a new depot at Gossington had been purchased and the construction of a new transfer station was planned for 2016.




That the service updates be noted.


Future meetings



To note the following agreed meetings for 2016:


23 Feb (2pm start)

19 April

21 June

4 October

6 December


All meetings to start at 10am unless indicated otherwise.






That the dates of future meetings be noted.